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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryTarget VersionRisk of Breakage
Init & Config
featureassigned (Fred)2011-06-28Create DDL and implement it0.3.0low
  0000192 [Firmware]
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
featureassigned (Fred)2011-06-28Investigate Triangle InterpolationFuturevery low
  0000191 [Firmware]
Structure / Style
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-28Formalise Code StyleASAPvery low
  0000187 [Firmware]
featureassigned (Fred)2011-06-19Implement FreeEMS Exclusive DecoderASAPvery low
  0000185 [Firmware]
Analogue Inputs
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-18Investigate moving ADC reading to ISR from continuousFuturemedium
  0000183 [Firmware]
Hardware Interface
featureassigned (Fred)2011-06-18Provide basic code functionality to handle always-onASAPhigh
  0000182 [Firmware]
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-18Optimise the scheduling calculations0.2.Xhigh
  0000160 [Firmware]
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
featureassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Add air and coolant temperature compensation to ignition advanceASAPlow
  0000115 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Write 36-2-2-2 Subaru decoderASAPvery low
  0000114 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Write decoder for 99+ 4and3 Crank/Cam MiataASAPvery low
  0000145 [Firmware]
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Add X of Y style soft ignition cutASAPmedium
  0000139 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Break scheduling down into unit testable functions0.2.Xvery high
  0000153 [Firmware]
Serial Comms
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Determine the best way to send async packets.0.3.0very low
  0000154 [Firmware]
Serial Comms
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Develop way of alerting the world about counter increments0.3.0low
  0000116 [Firmware]
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Check and if necessary fix the fueling math to behave for 360 cycle engines etc.0.2.Xmedium
  0000161 [Firmware]
General Features
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Refine fuel pump control0.2.Xmedium
  0000168 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Improve the robustness of decoder init0.2.Xlow
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Add specific future versions and tidy up roadmap stuff. 
  0000097 [Firmware]
Structure / Style
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Find areas where static variables should be usedFuturelow
Init & Config
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Move Static Initialisation To Single C File From init.cFuturevery low
  0000013 [Firmware]
Task Manager
minornew2011-06-17Non Time Critical Non Preemptive Task SchedulerFuturehigh
  0000012 [Firmware]
Structure / Style
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-17Remove Most/All Literals From The CodeFuturevery low
majorassigned (Fred)2011-06-16Create normal severity so that this request and others can be assigned to it. 
  0000176 [Tracker]
featureassigned (Fred)2011-06-16Figure out the best way of tracking time 
  0000174 [Tracker]
featureassigned (Fred)2011-06-16Add github integration for key projects 
  0000173 [Tracker]
tweakassigned (Fred)2011-06-16Add depends on relationship 
  0000170 [Firmware]
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-16Split the calculations into different partsFuturemedium
  0000167 [ web]
Status Subdomain
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-16Bring status site up to date and date stamp it 
  00000851[ web]
Main Site
featureassigned (Fred)2011-06-08Move content to Joomla or similar CMS 
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