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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryTarget VersionRisk of Breakage
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-11-12Provide Various Verify Options1.0.0medium
Platform Specific Comms
minorassigned (sean94z)2011-11-11Locks Up On OS X With tty.* Type Devices!0.1.0medium
  0000373 [Firmware]
featureassigned (Fred)2011-11-04Build Tuning Documentation From DDL Doc0.3.0very low
  0000364 [OLV]
General Features
featureassigned (BenFenner)2011-10-31Add CSV Export Menu Option0.1.0 
  0000359 [OLV]
General Features
minorassigned (Fred)2011-10-28Fix Properties Code Mess That I Created And Migrate To YAML0.1.0 
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2011-10-28Refactor Log Loading Heavily0.0.1-SNAPSHOT 
  0000344 [OLV]
General Features
featureassigned (BenFenner)2011-10-25Status LEDs In Bottom Panel1.0.0 
Serial Monitor Comms
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Implement SM Reset Button0.1.0
General Features
minorassigned (dandruczyk)2011-10-24Add Ability To Disconnect From Device1.0.0 
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Platform Dependent Device Completion1.0.0
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Ability To Load Data Into The App In Advance0.1.0
  0000237 [Loader]
General Features
textassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Document All Source With Doxygen1.0.0
  0000232 [Loader]
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24When Ripping First Optionally Do Partial Load Based On Diff1.0.0
  0000229 [Loader]
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Full 100% Unit Test Coverage (except low level file and device IO)1.0.0
  0000226 [Loader]
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Internal API To Allow Memory Mapped Writes1.0.0
  0000219 [Loader]
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Internal API To Allow Memory Mapped Rips1.0.0
  0000324 [Loader]
General Features
minorassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Fix Make Warnings0.1.0very low
  0000242 [Loader]
General Features
blockassigned (Fred)2011-10-24Create Good Class Diagram Or Similar0.1.0very low
  0000231 [Loader]
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24When Ripping Allow 512k Image Or Just The Data That Is There Options0.1.0
  0000227 [Loader]
User Interface
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Complete GUI-less CLI Mode0.1.0
  0000222 [Loader]
User Interface
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24List Of Actions To Be Done Viewable Before And During0.1.0
User Interface
tweakassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Front End Loader Image In GUI With FreeEMS Logo0.1.0
File Loading/Saving
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Automatically look for and check md5 checksum files at load0.1.0
Serial Comms
minoracknowledged (Fred)2011-10-23Return status flag in packet header to indicate potential problems and add API call to return list of issues from ECUFuturemedium
General Features
featureacknowledged (dandruczyk)2011-10-23Add JimStim Pattern Upload And Validation1.0.0 
General Features
majoracknowledged (dandruczyk)2011-10-23Add Support For Dynamic Loading Of Profiles1.0.0 
General Features
featureassigned (dandruczyk)2011-10-19Allow changing units for pressure and air/fuel ratio just like temperature.1.0.0 
General Features
minoracknowledged (dandruczyk)2011-10-18Prepare For Migration To GTK 
minorassigned (dandruczyk)2011-10-18Make Doxygen Docs Complete And Accurate1.0.0 
Serial Comms
minorassigned (Fred)2011-10-11Replace checksum with 16 bit CRC0.3.0high
minorassigned (Fred)2011-10-11Make bench tester override core valuesFuturemedium
minorassigned (Fred)2011-10-10For 2 Edge Decoders Check Consistency Of Observed Pin StateFuturelow
  0000283 [Firmware]
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2011-10-01Make Sync Loss Function Deschedule EventsFuturemedium
XGATE Bit Bang
minorassigned (Fred)2011-09-02Provide wrapper and support for XGATE Outputs0.4.0medium
  0000254 [Firmware]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2011-09-02Add Two Step Limiter/Launch Control With EnrichASAPmedium
  0000146 [Firmware]
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2011-09-02Add ignition advance retard soft cut limitASAPlow
  0000245 [ web]
Download Subdomain
blockacknowledged (Fred)2011-08-10Provide SSH drop point for Dave to put up unofficial nightly windows builds of MtX 
Init & Config
featureassigned (Fred)2011-07-29Investigate Covering All Interrupt Vectors ProperlyFuturevery low
Init & Config
minorassigned (Fred)2011-07-28Fix up order of init operations to avoid spurious interruptsFuturelow
  0000235 [Loader]
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-07-19Document All Features, Behaviours And Use Cases
  0000157 [Firmware]
Init & Config
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-28Add sanity checks to init code that talkFuturemedium
  0000155 [Firmware]
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-28OC signals do not actuate pin from comms functionFuturemedium
  0000143 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-28Move sched arrays to pointers with underlying flash arrays.Futuremedium
  0000142 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-28Make bench tester use real scheduling loopFuturemedium
  0000141 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-28Stop scheduling interfering with testingFuturemedium
  0000138 [Firmware]
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-28Allow scheduling to swap modes safely and fluidly.Futurevery high
  0000137 [Firmware]
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-28Add double scheduling of actual ignition pointFuturevery high
Init & Config
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-28Go Through ALL ISR Code And Check For References To TablesA-D RAM LocationsFuturemedium
Serial Comms
blockresolved (Fred)2011-06-28Corrupt packets are sent when RPM interrupts are active0.1.0-UltraJizzvery low
  0000193 [Firmware]
Structure / Style
minorassigned (Fred)2011-06-28Investigate use of inline functionsFuturevery low
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