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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryTarget VersionRisk of Breakage
  0000427 [Firmware]
GP IO and GP code
featureassigned (Fred)2012-03-23Add Coolant Based Open Loop PWM Idle Control0.2.Xvery low
  0000531 [Dev Tools]
Binutils S12X
majorassigned (sean94z)2012-02-28Garbage Collect Option Broken For XGATE Objects 
GP IO and GP code
featureassigned (Fred)2012-02-20Write General Purpose PID Function0.5.0very low
  0000505 [OLV]
User Interface
majorassigned (BenFenner)2012-01-18Fix Excess CPU Usage With Mouse Over Graph0.0.4 
  00005041[Dev Tools]
Binutils XGATE
blockassigned (sean94z)2012-01-16Builds Fail On #include <malloc.h> Line 
  0000490 [Dev Tools]
Binutils S12X
minorassigned (sean94z)2011-12-30Make XGATE Binutils Perfect 
Hardware Interface
minorassigned (Fred)2011-12-13Select Permanent Pins For Core Functions0.4.0medium
General Features
featureassigned (BenFenner)2011-12-10Add Ability To Display Missing Data Distinctly0.1.0 
Build System
minorassigned (Fred)2011-12-08Consider some changes to the formatFuture 
Structure / Style
minorassigned (Fred)2011-12-06Find Sean some linear RAM for XGATE use.0.4.0medium
  0000279 [Firmware]
Serial Comms
featureassigned (Fred)2011-12-06Add Mechanism To Periodically Send Comms Error SummariesFuturelow
minorassigned (Fred)2011-12-06Create a set of second RPM input ISRs for inclusion0.2.Xvery low
  0000294 [Firmware]
General Features
minorassigned (Fred)2011-12-06Add 16 Bit Memory Copy FunctionFuturemedium
  0000331 [Firmware]
Init & Config
minorassigned (Fred)2011-12-06Make Sure All Literals Are Typed Correctly!Futurevery low
  0000433 [Firmware]
Structure / Style
minorassigned (Fred)2011-12-06Clean Up Variable And File NamingFuturevery low
  0000390 [Firmware]
Build Process
minorassigned (Fred)2011-12-06Fully Separate Configuration Structure And MD50.3.0medium
Init & Config
minorassigned (Fred)2011-12-03Reduce the resolution of ignition timing and lambda tables0.3.0high
JimStim Plugin
minorassigned (Fred)2011-12-02App sometimes locks solid when "stop sweeping" is pressed0.9.24 
General Features
minorassigned (BenFenner)2011-12-02Add Support For Arbitrary Marks With Meta Data0.0.7 
  0000454 [OLV]
General Features
minorassigned (Fred)2011-12-01Reduce memory abuse by recycling objectsASAP 
User Interface
featureassigned (BenFenner)2011-11-30Bar-graph view of line traces.0.0.8 
  0000304 [OLV]
User Interface
featureassigned (BenFenner)2011-11-30Pre-made displays and user created displays in a "Bookmarks" like menu.0.0.6 
  0000314 [OLV]
User Interface
featureassigned (BenFenner)2011-11-30Display current zoom factor and let user input new factor.0.0.5 
User Interface
featureassigned (BenFenner)2011-11-30Reorganize the way "tracks" are added, traces are added to tracks, colors are selected, and trace data is displayed.0.0.5 
Serial Comms
minoracknowledged (dandruczyk)2011-11-28Design New Datalog API0.3.0medium
General Features
featureassigned (dandruczyk)2011-11-28Move Console To Internal Window1.0.0 
  0000437 [Firmware]
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
featureassigned (Fred)2011-11-26Add Atmospheric Pressure Correction AlgorithmsASAPlow
  0000436 [Firmware]
GP IO and GP code
featureassigned (Fred)2011-11-26Add Coolant Based RPM Limits0.5.0very low
  0000435 [Firmware]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2011-11-26Add Closed Loop Lambda ControlFuturehigh
  0000432 [Firmware]
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
featureassigned (Fred)2011-11-26Design and add a usable and effective wall wetting transient enrichment schemeFuturemedium
  0000431 [Firmware]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2011-11-26Add injection enrichment proportional to knock level.ASAPmedium
  0000430 [Firmware]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2011-11-26Add ignition retard proportional to knock level.ASAPmedium
  0000429 [Firmware]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2011-11-26Add Knock Measuring/Monitoring/Recording For TPIC8101ASAPvery low
  0000425 [Firmware]
Structure / Style
minorassigned (Fred)2011-11-26Use volatile keyword where it should be usedFuturevery low
Structure / Style
minorassigned (Fred)2011-11-26Define And Reorganise Header StructureFuturelow
File Loading/Saving
minorassigned (sean94z)2011-11-26Accept Zip Files As Input Files1.0.0
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2011-11-22Complete Basic Firmware FunctionalityASAPmedium
Analogue Inputs
tweakassigned (Fred)2011-11-22Add Important Variables Into Structs And Refactor Placement Of Existing Ones0.2.Xmedium
General Features
featureassigned (BenFenner)2011-11-19Add Coloured Scatter Plots1.1.0 
  0000411 [OLV]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2011-11-19Add Options For Initial Display0.1.0 
General Features
featureassigned (BenFenner)2011-11-19Provide Visual Export Options1.0.0 
FreeEMS Plugin
minorassigned (dandruczyk)2011-11-18App Swallows FreeEMS Errors Instead Of Displaying Them To The User0.9.24 
  0000404 [Firmware]
Build Process
minorassigned (Fred)2011-11-18Drop Support For DOS/CMD In Makefile0.2.Xvery low
minorassigned (Fred)2011-11-18Completely Fails To Connect With PL2303 Device0.9.24 
Platform Specific Comms
blockassigned (sean94z)2011-11-16Fail, then segfault on mac when trying to load.0.1.0very low
User Interface
minorassigned (sean94z)2011-11-16Make bar graph be pixel granular rather than chunks of 10 pixels or so.0.1.0very low
User Interface
featureassigned (Fred)2011-11-13Add GUI Console And Default Log File1.0.0 
  0000287 [Firmware]
GP IO and GP code
minorassigned (Fred)2011-11-13Provide Scratch Pad Style Internal Memory And Untyped Access0.5.0medium
  0000286 [Firmware]
GP IO and GP code
minorassigned (Fred)2011-11-13Convert Table Lookups And Math Calcs To GP0.5.0medium
  0000285 [Firmware]
GP IO and GP code
minorassigned (Fred)2011-11-13Abstract Out Common Functionality In ADC Processing Code0.5.0medium
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