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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryTarget VersionRisk of Breakage
  0000701 [OLV]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2012-09-15Add locale override config/functionalityFuture 
  0000700 [OLV]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2012-09-15Open tar/zip/gz/bz2 compressed logs through UIFuture 
General Features
featureresolved (Fred)2012-09-12Add Thorough Version Information To Build0.1.0low
  0000696 [Loader]
General Features
trivialassigned (sean94z)2012-09-12Add a release mechanism to remove the -SNAPSHOT-<hashprefix> part of the version for release builds
General Features
minorresolved (Fred)2012-09-11Internal State Not Cleared After Disconnect0.1.0medium
User Interface
minorassigned (BenFenner)2012-09-11Unify look and feel of internal OLV-specific buttons that are currently ugly on many platforms0.0.5 
  0000690 [OLV]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2012-09-11Add checksums of internal build information and of the -bin.jar file itself.Future 
  0000686 [OLV]
General Features
featureassigned (BenFenner)2012-09-10Configurable field/value threshold alarms with reporting0.0.6 
  0000299 [OLV]
General Features
minorassigned (BenFenner)2012-09-10Provide Ability For Calculated Fields.0.0.6 
GP IO and GP code
minorassigned (Fred)2012-09-07Allow configurable recording of any pin's state0.5.0very low
  0000679 [OLV]
Maven Build
textassigned (Fred)2012-09-05Update to new reporting plugin config formatASAP 
File Loading/Saving
featureassigned (sean94z)2012-09-04Add option to rip/save as S1 records instead of S20.1.0medium
Analogue Inputs
featureassigned (Fred)2012-09-04Add ADC Filtering OptionsASAPhigh
User Interface
minorassigned (BenFenner)2012-09-04Funky layers in Graphing Option Plane0.0.5 
General Features
majorresolved (Fred)2012-09-03Loader pays NO attention to user input0.1.0very high
User Interface
minorassigned (BenFenner)2012-08-30Make graph trace downsampling (for zoomed out) better.0.0.5 
Platform Specific Comms
featureassigned (sean94z)2012-08-29Unable to compile using MSVC
Serial Monitor Comms
featureassigned (sean94z)2012-08-29Show all four SM version blocks in the UI0.1.0very low
Serial Monitor Comms
minorassigned (sean94z)2012-08-29Loader Goes CRAZY If Something Else Has Serial Port0.1.0medium
User Interface
minorassigned (sean94z)2012-08-28Bar graph stays half way across after abort!0.1.0medium
Platform Specific Comms
minorassigned (sean94z)2012-08-28Completely Fails To Connect With PL2303 Device0.1.0medium
General Features
featureresolved (Fred)2012-08-27Provide Abort, Pause, Resume Buttons During Load0.1.0
General Features
textresolved (Fred)2012-08-27Tidy Up Source File Names0.1.0medium
Advanced Features
blockresolved (sean94z)2012-08-27Code does not compilevery high
File Loading/Saving
featureassigned (sean94z)2012-08-27Write signature S record to rip files0.1.0low
  0000658 [OLV]
User Interface
minorassigned (BenFenner)2012-08-22Speed up graph moving/painting, likely using frame shifting.0.0.4 
  0000657 [OLV]
User Interface
minorassigned (BenFenner)2012-08-22Check to make sure double buffering is actually being done.0.0.4 
User Interface
minorassigned (BenFenner)2012-08-15Fix Mac Key MappingsFuture 
User Interface
minorassigned (BenFenner)2012-07-31Separate Extension And Content HandlingASAP 
User Interface
minorassigned (BenFenner)2012-07-31Check Boolean Flag For Each Entry And space/interp if falseASAP 
  0000635 [Firmware]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2012-07-31Add a generic PWM interface0.2.Xlow
  0000634 [Firmware]
Structure / Style
minorassigned (Fred)2012-07-31Migrate some config data to paged space where possible/convenient0.2.Xvery low
General Features
featureassigned (BenFenner)2012-07-30Add Open Tailing File OptionFuture 
User Interface
featureassigned (BenFenner)2012-07-26Get horizontal scrolling to scroll the graph left and right.Future 
  0000629 [OLV]
User Interface
minorassigned (BenFenner)2012-07-26Stop FPS display from invoking paint events on the position bar. Possibly also find a better place to detect frames.0.0.4 
  0000625 [EMStudio]
FreeEMS Plugin
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-07-22Create firmware unit test control panel/tab/window0.1.0 
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-07-22Log trace visualisationFuture 
User Interface
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-07-22Implement edit history across all dataASAP 
  0000590 [EMStudio]
User Interface
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-07-22Add more gauge functionalityASAP 
User Interface
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-07-22Addition of more comprehensive settingsASAP 
  0000579 [EMStudio]
blockassigned (Fred)2012-07-22Creat YAML for 2D tablesASAP 
User Interface
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-07-222d Table View Enhancements0.1.0 
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-07-22Auto-tune feature for VE table. (Real-time algorithm.)1.0.0 
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-07-22Auto-tune feature for VE table. (Averaging algorithm.)1.0.0 
User Interface
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-07-22Add Profiles1.0.0 
  0000620 [Firmware]
Init & Config
featureassigned (Fred)2012-07-22Add automatic derivative config creation on saving a config area0.2.Xlow
  0000615 [Firmware]
Init & Config
featureassigned (Fred)2012-07-22Add full config check routines to be executed on saving a config area0.2.Xlow
  0000220 [Loader]
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2012-07-13Optionally Exclude SM When Ripping0.1.0
General Features
featureassigned (dandruczyk)2012-07-05Add VE Table GeneratorFuture 
  0000601 [Firmware]
Structure / Style
minorassigned (Fred)2012-06-27Remove All Commented Out CodeFuturevery low
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