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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryTarget VersionRisk of Breakage
User Interface
crashresolved (Fred)2013-08-22Crash when Data Trace reaches top of table0.0.1 
minorresolved (Fred)2013-08-22.json not automatically appended0.0.1 
minorresolved (Fred)2013-08-22Directory not used for log meta files0.0.1 
Analogue Inputs
featureassigned (Fred)2013-07-31Isolate raw, but converted TPS from cleaned up TPS0.2.Xlow
  0000862 [EMStudio]
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-07-12Cells sometimes show with a black background. 
User Interface
minorassigned (Fred)2013-07-09Remember Size and Position Of File Open Dialogue Box and Detail Columns0.1.0low
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2013-07-09Automated On-Server Cross Platform Build0.1.0
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2013-07-09Assist User Entering SM If Firmware Is Running When Load Start Attempted0.1.0medium
Advanced Features
featurefeedback (Fred)2013-07-07Device State Interogation0.1.0very low
General Features
blocknew (masterkorp)2013-07-07SerialIO library path is totally hardcodedvery high
User Interface
minorresolved (MrOnion)2013-07-07Improve Button Semantics0.1.0medium
User Interface
majorassigned (malcom2073)2013-07-02Range checking of signed values buggy0.0.1 
majorassigned (malcom2073)2013-07-01Y axis and probably Y direction of data in reverse order in JSON export0.0.1 
  0000861 [EMStudio]
majorassigned (malcom2073)2013-07-01JSON exports of tables use Strings not Numbers for numeric values.0.0.1 
  0000858 [EMStudio]
User Interface
majorassigned (malcom2073)2013-06-24Writing signed 2d table fails with improper axis order0.0.1 
  0000853 [EMStudio]
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-06-05Table editing: Assign new value in multiple cells while data tracing enabled 
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-06-03Insufficient validation of json config0.0.1 
  0000852 [EMStudio]
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-06-02Cell highlighting selects two boxes when only one should be selected0.0.1 
  0000850 [EMStudio]
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-06-02Wholesale duplication of scaling data in JSON0.0.1 
Build Systems
blockresolved (masterkorp)2013-05-31Build failure 
Serial Communications
featureresolved (Fred)2013-05-31Add retries on timeouts to serial communications0.0.1 
Analogue Inputs
minorassigned (Fred)2013-05-27Measure different kinds of ADC inputs in different waysFuturemedium
Structure / Style
minorassigned (Fred)2013-05-18Complete XDP512 Device Header + Add Flags HeaderFuturevery low
General Features
blockassigned (sean94z)2013-05-09Build failvery high
  0000843 [EMStudio]
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-05-09fredfixes load same file that is open 
  0000842 [Dev Tools]
GCC 3.3.6 S12X
blocknew2013-05-08Build failure: unrecognized option '-m68hc11' 
  0000837 [EMStudio]
User Interface
featureassigned (malcom2073)2013-04-29InternalWindow listing menu in main menu bar0.0.1 
Serial Communications
majorassigned (malcom2073)2013-04-23UI Lies about having saved to flash if ECU is powered cycled during session. 
featureassigned (malcom2073)2013-04-02Implement an offline mode.0.0.1 
General Features
majorassigned (Fred)2013-03-13MegaSquirt and Adaptronic CSV data logs contain non-numeric data, and we don't handle it well.0.0.3 
User Interface
minorassigned (Fred)2013-03-12Zooming in far with very short logs resets graph position.0.0.3 
User Interface
minorresolved (Fred)2013-02-163D surface components align poorly0.0.1 
User Interface
minorresolved (BenFenner)2013-02-07Initial message(s) received with no ECU connected need to be better.0.0.1 
User Interface
featureassigned (malcom2073)2013-02-03EMStudio thermistor curve editor interface (for CHT/IAT etc)0.0.1 
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-01-29Hot-key for percentage inc/dec while in 2d and 3d tables.0.0.1 
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-01-29Change mem state to make more sense0.0.1 
User Interface
tweakassigned (malcom2073)2013-01-29Make all of the window types be more appropriate sizes0.0.1 
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-01-29Glitch when changing axis values in 3d flat view0.0.1 
FreeEMS Plugin
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-01-29Reject interrogation of firmware with invalid location ID meta data0.0.1 
General Features
minorassigned (Fred)2013-01-23Determin correct home dir for settings on all platforms.ASAP 
User Interface
minorresolved (malcom2073)2013-01-23Device listing has duplicates0.1.0medium
  0000818 [EMStudio]
FreeEMS Plugin
crashassigned (malcom2073)2013-01-22Crash when connecting in SM mode0.0.1 
User Interface
minorassigned (sean94z)2013-01-20Make cli vs gui messages match0.1.0medium
User Interface
minorassigned (sean94z)2013-01-20"rip dir button should be a field "/path/to/dir" with a "choose" button"
  0000813 [Loader]
General Features
minorassigned (sean94z)2013-01-19default directories
Serial Monitor Comms
minorassigned (sean94z)2013-01-18First Connect Fails Several Times0.1.0medium
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-01-15Better file handling for log output dirs0.0.1 
User Interface
minorassigned (Fred)2013-01-14Numbers in hover display sometimes have missing digit0.0.3 
General Features
featureresolved (Fred)2013-01-10Optionally Exclude SM When Loading0.1.0medium
General Features
minorresolved (Fred)2013-01-10close/rst closes app after loading s19
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