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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryTarget VersionRisk of Breakage
  0000133 [Firmware]
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Add ability to only schedule on some input events0.2.1medium
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Split the code run time stuff into different parts0.2.1high
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
majorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Investigate excessive runtime on scheduling output loop0.2.1high
  0000124 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Make ADC sampling be configurable0.2.1high
  0000117 [Firmware]
Serial Comms
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Improve time information in basic datalog!0.2.1medium
  0000301 [Firmware]
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Clean up and unify the time tolerance code with respect to total angles.0.2.1medium
General Features
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Benchtest firmware fires(primes) all outputs (incl ignition) at power on0.2.1medium
  0000867 [Firmware]
blockassigned (Fred)2014-02-18LT1 decoder is not suitable for use with inverting topology.0.2.1high
  0000845 [Firmware]
Init & Config
featureassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Add boot reason detection/logging0.2.1low
  0000819 [Firmware]
Structure / Style
featureassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Provide platform type mapping file0.2.1medium
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Table lookup routines contain potential for rare divide by zero0.2.1medium
featureacknowledged (Fred)2014-02-18Implement optimal DIS 6 decoder0.2.1very low
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
featureassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Add additional dwell behaviour modes0.2.1medium
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Change way tolerance is done on missing tooth sync0.2.1medium
  0000556 [Firmware]
Analogue Inputs
featureassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Provide Sensor Failure Detection And Emergency Overrides0.2.1medium
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
majorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Missing Events On MissingTeeth Decoder0.2.1medium
Structure / Style
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Remove all CLEAR_ flags and replace with a macro that clears0.2.1low
Init & Config
featureassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Design And Implement Space-Efficient Flexible Tables0.2.1high
  0000441 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18List All Possible Errors For Each Serial API Call In Docs0.2.1very low
Serial Comms
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Remove All Deprecated Serial API Calls0.2.1very low
Serial Comms
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Bring Core Serial Protocol Fully Up To Date0.2.1medium
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Clear Out Docs Directory And Update Whatever Is Left0.2.1very low
  0000387 [Firmware]
Init & Config
featureassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Create mechanism for confirming advanced config changes0.2.1low
  0000303 [Firmware]
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
crashassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Add Sanity Checks For TCX Latencies0.2.1very high
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Develop Perfect Event Dependency Sequence0.2.1medium
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Improve RPM Accuracy & Granularity At All Scales0.2.1low
  0000247 [Firmware]
Analogue Inputs
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Make MAP sensor configuration both more robust and more flexible.0.2.1low
Related Tools
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Stable Releases of All Key Packages0.2.1very low
  0000126 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Make all decoders use all common code0.2.1medium
  0000121 [Firmware]
majorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Make all decoders follow the same data->sync sequence0.2.1high
Hardware Interface
blockassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Update The Pin Out Document0.2.1very low
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
featureassigned (Fred)2014-02-14Provide advanced injector dead time characterisationFuturemedium
User Interface
majorresolved (malcom2073)2013-11-27Code Responds To Wrong Button Events0.1.0very low
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-11-273D tracing at wrong indices/index0.0.1 
  0000884 [EMStudio]
Serial Communications
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-11-25EMStudio comm timeouts on slow laptops experiencing high CPU load 
  0000883 [EMStudio]
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-11-25Limited shrink/scaling of EMStudio primary window 
  0000880 [EMStudio]
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-11-252D table windows resize on titlebar click & occasionally obscure title bar 
  0000879 [EMStudio]
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-11-25Any command failure will repeat its error message 3 times 
  0000877 [EMStudio]
User Interface
featureassigned (malcom2073)2013-11-23Make keyboard shortcuts configurableFuture 
  0000876 [EMStudio]
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-11-22Resize QML gauges to window while respecting aspect ratio 
  0000875 [EMStudio]
Serial Communications
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-11-22Fix logic for unplug/replug sequence and alert user when ECU connection breaks 
  0000874 [EMStudio]
minorassigned (malcom2073)2013-11-22Move bins to top level dir 
  0000873 [EMStudio]
User Interface
crashassigned (malcom2073)2013-10-28EMStudio crash during ECU interrogation 
File Loading/Saving
crashassigned (sean94z)2013-10-16Loader crashes while selecting file to uploadmedium
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2013-10-16Priming pulse timing.ASAPmedium
Analogue Inputs
featureassigned (Fred)2013-10-16Oil pressure monitorASAPlow
User Interface
majorresolved (Fred)2013-09-16Unable to edit cell currently highlighted with 3d tracing0.0.1 
User Interface
minorresolved (Fred)2013-09-16Table editing: Repeated +/- presses on block selection not possible.0.0.1 
Serial Communications
minorresolved (DeuceEFI)2013-09-15Multiple tables appear after ECU interrogation0.0.1 
User Interface
minorresolved (Fred)2013-08-22Colouring in 2D tabular view wrong0.0.1 
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