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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryTarget VersionRisk of Breakage
  0000939 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2015-06-14State flags and variables not separated correctly0.2.0medium
  0000111 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2015-06-14Finalise Decoder Interface (for now at least)0.2.1high
  0000937 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2015-06-14Duplicate variables used inconsistently0.2.0medium
  0000938 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2015-06-14Timestamp variable used badly in all decoders0.2.0medium
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
majorresolved (Fred)2015-05-17Make scheduler UNschedule when appropriate0.2.0medium
User Interface
majorassigned (malcom2073)2015-01-18Blank white window replaces gauge display 
featureassigned (Fred)2014-12-01Set up single-sign-on, or at least shared logins 
featureassigned (malcom2073)2014-07-29Request for UI toggle button to stop/start logging 
  0000933 [EMStudio]
minorassigned (malcom2073)2014-07-23Blank white window replaces gauge display in DEV 
minorassigned (Fred)2014-06-25Improve Performance Of Missing Tooth Decoder0.2.1low
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2014-06-25Implement generic global timing scheme0.2.1very low
  0000931 [EMStudio]
Serial Communications
minorassigned (Fred)2014-06-21Packets that are responded to with a nack/unknown packet ID should not be considered not responded to.0.0.1 
featureassigned (Fred)2014-06-20Implement the display of a single listing with delete button0.2 
  0000928 [Amarillo]
minorassigned (Fred)2014-06-20Increase test coverage to most of the page and service handlers0.2 
  0000927 [Amarillo]
minorassigned (Fred)2014-06-19Externalise strings for internationalisation and hypothetical app upgrade free updates0.2 
  0000926 [Amarillo]
JavaScript & HTML
minorassigned (Fred)2014-06-19Add client-side form validation and visible errors0.2 
  0000923 [Amarillo]
featureassigned (Fred)2014-06-19Add unique user for debian installation0.2 
  0000922 [Amarillo]
minorassigned (Fred)2014-06-19Failure due to port in use does not prevent installation/is silently ignored0.2 
  0000915 [Amarillo]
minorassigned (Fred)2014-06-17Replace demo-spec database abuse by real-world windowed selects0.2 
  0000914 [Amarillo]
featureassigned (Fred)2014-06-17Ditch Spark in favour of Jersey and IOC setup0.2 
XGATE Bit Bang
featureassigned (Fred)2014-06-02Design and implement XGATE bit bang0.4.0very low
  0000149 [Firmware]
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2014-06-02Add post start enrichment codeASAPmedium
  0000897 [EMStudio]
Build Systems
minorassigned (malcom2073)2014-05-22QJSON build disparity of DLL filename 
  0000896 [EMStudio]
Build Systems
minorassigned (malcom2073)2014-05-22MinGW build doesn't display proper Build Date in About 
  0000895 [EMStudio]
Build Systems
minorassigned (malcom2073)2014-05-22MinGW build creates both .a/.dll for FreeEMS plugin 
  0000894 [EMStudio]
featureassigned (malcom2073)2014-05-05Ability to switch log files without disconnecting0.0.1 
  0000893 [Firmware]
General Features
minorassigned (Fred)2014-05-05Improve priming0.2.1medium
Structure / Style
minorassigned (Fred)2014-04-28Fill out defines for various pins and other masks0.2.0low
  0000891 [Firmware]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2014-04-28Allow fuel pump output to work with HSD circuits0.2.0low
Init & Config
minorassigned (Fred)2014-04-26Remove Hotel Hacks From Firmware!0.2.0very low
Flash Burning
featurenew2014-03-31Create EEPROM Write FunctionsFuturelow
General Features
minorassigned (Fred)2014-03-27Reduce all counters etc to 8 bits where applicable.0.2.0low
FreeEMS Plugin
minorassigned (malcom2073)2014-03-27Three requests made, three errors returned, three popups shown.0.0.1 
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2014-03-27Add Useful COP Monitor Function0.2.0medium
crashresolved (eraser87)2014-03-27EMStudio crashes when trying to access settings tables 
  00008883[Jaguar PCB]
minorresolved (Fred)2014-03-07Ignitor outputs need SMD resistors and LEDs for indicators0.7-alpha 
  00008891[Jaguar PCB]
minorassigned (DeuceEFI)2014-03-06Record changes done to schematics and PCB between November 17, 2013 and March 5, 20140.7-alpha 
FreeEMS Plugin
featureassigned (malcom2073)2014-03-03Create bench test control panel/tab/window0.1.0 
  0000887 [Firmware]
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
featureassigned (Fred)2014-02-19Add quality staged injection capability0.2.1medium
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2014-02-19Add Duty Cycles To Standard Calcs0.2.0very low
  0000147 [Firmware]
Calculations (Inj/Ign)
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-19Make hyundai dwell limit stuff generic0.2.0high
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-19Make time tolerance be speed dependent0.2.0medium
  0000836 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Even tooth decoder uses currentEvent number badly0.2.0medium
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
majorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Find issues with new injector output isr, fix them, test it, push it.0.2.0medium
Scheduler (Inj/Ign)
minoracknowledged (Fred)2014-02-18Split ADC Reading Force And Lose Sync Apart0.2.1medium
  0000284 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Add Absolute Limit Checking To Time Based De-Sync0.2.1medium
  0000281 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18PW Variation Sync Loss For Single Edge Decoders0.2.1medium
  0000275 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Improve LT1 Loss Of Sync Mechanisms0.2.1medium
  0000259 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Add Per Decoder Datalog Populator Function0.2.1very low
  0000134 [Firmware]
minorassigned (Fred)2014-02-18Allow LT1 to rev MUCH higher with no loss of accuracy0.2.1medium
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