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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryTarget VersionRisk of Breakage
  0000790 [Firmware]
General Features
minorassigned (MrOnion)2012-12-29Implement control logic for push/pull throttleASAPlow
minorassigned (malcom2073)2012-12-28Add Q_ASSERT_X() assertions for slot/signal connections0.0.1 
Build Systems
minorassigned (malcom2073)2012-12-28Read up on, and trivially implement, with refactoring, if required, a simple mock-based test.ASAP 
minorassigned (MrOnion)2012-12-28Create scripts/process to generate release binary installer for Mac OS X0.0.1 
  0000649 [OLV]
General Features
featureassigned (BenFenner)2012-12-28Provide an export function for LP filesASAP 
minorassigned (malcom2073)2012-12-25Better file handling for JSON firmware defs0.0.1 
General Features
minorassigned (sean94z)2012-12-13Firmware Rip/Load too slow!very low
File Loading/Saving
minorresolved (sean94z)2012-12-13Loader Uses too much memory due to a static allocation.low
Hardware Interface
majorassigned (Fred)2012-12-06Develop new official serial monitor S190.3.0medium
  0000769 [EMStudio]
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2012-12-06Plus (+) and minus(-) on the number pad should increment and decrement values like their counterparts do. 
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2012-11-29Last loaded file stats in about box, or new box.ASAP 
User Interface
featureassigned (BenFenner)2012-11-29Implement a recently opened file list.0.0.5 
User Interface
featureassigned (BenFenner)2012-11-29Implement a recently opened directory list.0.0.5 
  0000743 [EMStudio]
FreeEMS Plugin
minorassigned (malcom2073)2012-11-28Intelligent connection handling for SM/FW0.0.1 
  0000762 [Firmware]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2012-11-25Individual cylinder timing control via EGT feedbackFuturemedium
  000076012[Dev Tools]
blockresolved (Fred)2012-11-23Broken dependencies in meta package 
  0000761 [EMStudio]
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2012-11-22numeric data needs to be allways viewable 
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-11-203D Table View data manipulationASAP 
  00005609[Dev Tools]
Binutils S12X
minorassigned (sean94z)2012-11-15Newlib fails doc build on 64 bit Ubuntu & Mac OS X 
  000049723[Dev Tools]
Binutils S12X
majorassigned (sean94z)2012-11-15Debian 32 bit packages build different binaries to all other platforms 
User Interface
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-11-15Add current value highlighting to 2D and 3D curves0.0.1 
  0000756 [Firmware]
Init & Config
featureassigned (Fred)2012-11-12Make serial baud config more robust0.2.Xmedium
minorresolved (Fred)2012-11-06Better file handling for configuration0.0.1 
  0000754 [OLV]
User Interface
featureassigned (BenFenner)2012-11-04Needs menu keyboard shortcuts0.0.5 
File Loading/Saving
majorassigned (sean94z)2012-11-02Insufficient Input Validation Done0.1.0medium
minorassigned (Fred)2012-10-24Add unit tests for unit testable functionsFuturelow
featureassigned (Fred)2012-10-24Create new unit test call that executes N iterations of the given test with the same data setFuturelow
  0000749 [OLV]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2012-10-17save a copy option + binding to .bin downloadsASAP 
featureacknowledged (malcom2073)2012-10-17Migrate all strings to some sort of translation serviceFuture 
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2012-10-17Table axes (both 2d and 3d) need some protection.0.0.1 
  0000741 [EMStudio]
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2012-10-17Provide robust and feature-rich axis editing options.0.1.0 
  0000744 [EMStudio]
minorassigned (malcom2073)2012-10-16Better file handling0.0.1 
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2012-10-16Naming conventions for menus and windows is not quite right.0.1.0 
GP IO and GP code
featureassigned (Fred)2012-10-16Combined Conditions for GPIO0.5.0medium
User Interface
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-10-15Wireframe view for 3D tables.0.0.1 
blockassigned (Fred)2012-10-15Proper abstractions and actions for widgets and memory0.0.1 
  0000731 [Loader]
File Loading/Saving
minorassigned (sean94z)2012-10-10When creating S19 files "carriage return" should be used, not a line feed.
General Features
minorassigned (sean94z)2012-10-05Console Messages Incomplete/Not showingvery low
General Features
minorassigned (sean94z)2012-10-05COM Port Drop Down Boxmedium
Maven Build
minorresolved (Fred)2012-09-30Split the project reporting and build information into a parent project0.0.3 
File Loading/Saving
minorassigned (sean94z)2012-09-24Rips firmware and names it the same as burning firmware name
User Interface
featureassigned (sean94z)2012-09-23Ensure Correct Program Flow0.1.0
User Interface
minoracknowledged (Fred)2012-09-21Reloading the previous log while a log is currently loading causes an error.ASAP 
User Interface
majorassigned (sean94z)2012-09-21App closes during s19 loadhigh
  0000714 [Loader]
File Loading/Saving
minorassigned (sean94z)2012-09-21Open file buttonlow
User Interface
blockassigned (sean94z)2012-09-20Unable to build loadervery high
User Interface
featureassigned (Fred)2012-09-18Add Translation Facility0.0.3 
  0000705 [OLV]
General Features
majorassigned (Fred)2012-09-18Refactor to reduce coupling between classesASAP 
  0000704 [OLV]
General Features
majorassigned (Fred)2012-09-18Refactor main class to just be the main class and not be the main window tooASAP 
Firmware Comms
featureassigned (sean94z)2012-09-17Implement Firmware Reset Button0.1.0
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