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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryTarget VersionRisk of Breakage
FreeEMS Plugin
featureassigned (malcom2073)2014-03-03Create bench test control panel/tab/window0.1.0 
User Interface
majorresolved (malcom2073)2013-11-27Code Responds To Wrong Button Events0.1.0very low
User Interface
minorassigned (Fred)2013-07-09Remember Size and Position Of File Open Dialogue Box and Detail Columns0.1.0low
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2013-07-09Automated On-Server Cross Platform Build0.1.0
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2013-07-09Assist User Entering SM If Firmware Is Running When Load Start Attempted0.1.0medium
Advanced Features
featurefeedback (Fred)2013-07-07Device State Interogation0.1.0very low
User Interface
minorresolved (MrOnion)2013-07-07Improve Button Semantics0.1.0medium
User Interface
minorresolved (malcom2073)2013-01-23Device listing has duplicates0.1.0medium
User Interface
minorassigned (sean94z)2013-01-20Make cli vs gui messages match0.1.0medium
Serial Monitor Comms
minorassigned (sean94z)2013-01-18First Connect Fails Several Times0.1.0medium
General Features
featureresolved (Fred)2013-01-10Optionally Exclude SM When Loading0.1.0medium
Platform Specific Comms
minorclosed (Fred)2013-01-10Hitting Close/Reset When FreeEMS Has Started Streaming Locks Up0.1.0medium
File Loading/Saving
majorassigned (sean94z)2012-11-02Insufficient Input Validation Done0.1.0medium
  0000741 [EMStudio]
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2012-10-17Provide robust and feature-rich axis editing options.0.1.0 
User Interface
minorassigned (malcom2073)2012-10-16Naming conventions for menus and windows is not quite right.0.1.0 
General Features
minorclosed (Fred)2012-10-06Chosen file name for rip does not automatically get extension0.1.0low
User Interface
featureassigned (sean94z)2012-09-23Ensure Correct Program Flow0.1.0
Firmware Comms
featureassigned (sean94z)2012-09-17Implement Firmware Reset Button0.1.0
General Features
featureresolved (Fred)2012-09-12Add Thorough Version Information To Build0.1.0low
General Features
minorresolved (Fred)2012-09-11Internal State Not Cleared After Disconnect0.1.0medium
File Loading/Saving
featureassigned (sean94z)2012-09-04Add option to rip/save as S1 records instead of S20.1.0medium
General Features
majorresolved (Fred)2012-09-03Loader pays NO attention to user input0.1.0very high
Serial Monitor Comms
featureassigned (sean94z)2012-08-29Show all four SM version blocks in the UI0.1.0very low
Serial Monitor Comms
minorassigned (sean94z)2012-08-29Loader Goes CRAZY If Something Else Has Serial Port0.1.0medium
User Interface
minorassigned (sean94z)2012-08-28Bar graph stays half way across after abort!0.1.0medium
Platform Specific Comms
minorassigned (sean94z)2012-08-28Completely Fails To Connect With PL2303 Device0.1.0medium
General Features
featureresolved (Fred)2012-08-27Provide Abort, Pause, Resume Buttons During Load0.1.0
User Interface
minorclosed (Fred)2012-08-27Loader Fails To Remember File And Directory After Clicking OK0.1.0low
User Interface
minorclosed (Fred)2012-08-27Load button changes state despite failed connect0.1.0medium
General Features
textresolved (Fred)2012-08-27Tidy Up Source File Names0.1.0medium
File Loading/Saving
featureassigned (sean94z)2012-08-27Write signature S record to rip files0.1.0low
  0000625 [EMStudio]
FreeEMS Plugin
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-07-22Create firmware unit test control panel/tab/window0.1.0 
User Interface
featureassigned (malcom2073)2012-07-222d Table View Enhancements0.1.0 
  0000220 [Loader]
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2012-07-13Optionally Exclude SM When Ripping0.1.0
General Features
featureclosed (sean94z)2012-03-25Assist User Entering Firmware After Successful Load0.1.0
General Features
featureassigned (BenFenner)2011-12-10Add Ability To Display Missing Data Distinctly0.1.0 
  0000411 [OLV]
General Features
featureassigned (Fred)2011-11-19Add Options For Initial Display0.1.0 
Platform Specific Comms
blockassigned (sean94z)2011-11-16Fail, then segfault on mac when trying to load.0.1.0very low
User Interface
minorassigned (sean94z)2011-11-16Make bar graph be pixel granular rather than chunks of 10 pixels or so.0.1.0very low
Platform Specific Comms
minorassigned (sean94z)2011-11-11Locks Up On OS X With tty.* Type Devices!0.1.0medium
  0000364 [OLV]
General Features
featureassigned (BenFenner)2011-10-31Add CSV Export Menu Option0.1.0 
  0000359 [OLV]
General Features
minorassigned (Fred)2011-10-28Fix Properties Code Mess That I Created And Migrate To YAML0.1.0 
Serial Monitor Comms
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Implement SM Reset Button0.1.0
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Ability To Load Data Into The App In Advance0.1.0
  0000324 [Loader]
General Features
minorassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Fix Make Warnings0.1.0very low
  0000242 [Loader]
General Features
blockassigned (Fred)2011-10-24Create Good Class Diagram Or Similar0.1.0very low
  0000231 [Loader]
General Features
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24When Ripping Allow 512k Image Or Just The Data That Is There Options0.1.0
  0000227 [Loader]
User Interface
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Complete GUI-less CLI Mode0.1.0
  0000222 [Loader]
User Interface
featureassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24List Of Actions To Be Done Viewable Before And During0.1.0
User Interface
tweakassigned (sean94z)2011-10-24Front End Loader Image In GUI With FreeEMS Logo0.1.0
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