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0000936EMStudioUser Interfacepublic2015-01-16 22:162015-01-18 02:12
Assigned Tomalcom2073 
PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.0.1-SNAPSHOT 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000936: Blank white window replaces gauge display
DescriptionThe gauge display appears as a white, blank, window in hash bb63569bb2c486bb20c13de4cf6e52d32f0be1c6 (aka EMStudioInstaller.amd64.UNSTABLE.2014-08-23_23-46-47.exe) and likely other releases.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open EMStudio with or without connection to ECU; a black status window will pop up with warning messages (see Additional Information below)
2. Go to the Windows menu of the main interface
3. Choose Gauges
4. Stare deeply into a white field of nothing and contemplate life
Additional InformationThe startup error message includes:
file:///C:/Program [^] Files (x86)/EMStudio/dashboards/gauges.qml:3:1 "WarningLabel": no such directory

As a hack, this error can be overruled and the problem "fixed" through the following steps:
1. Edit C:\Program Files (x86)\EMStudio\dashboards\gauges.qml
2. Comment out the CHT overheating warnings:

import "WarningLabel"


WarningLabel {

Unrelated, but worth noting: despite this being a 64bit build, the program is stored in "Program Files (x86)".
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malcom2073 (manager)
2015-01-18 01:32

WarningLabel needs to be added to the build system so it gets installed with the applications.

Yeah the installer does not detect 32/64bit for install directory, and installs both (improperly) into the 32bit folder.
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ToxicGumbo (reporter)
2015-01-18 02:12

Thanks. What is WarningLabel a part of? I didn't find it anywhere in my Windows build, Qt, etc. Does this exist on your Linux build platform? I'm working on cross compiling right now.

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