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0000934EMStudioGeneralpublic2014-07-29 23:382014-07-29 23:55
Assigned Tomalcom2073 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionAll
Product Version0.0.1-SNAPSHOT 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000934: Request for UI toggle button to stop/start logging
DescriptionRequest for a button on the Tuner UI for logging while driving in order to chop logging up into multiple log files without becoming too distracted from driving.

An example might be a green button that says [LOG]
When clicked, it turnes red and says [LOGGING]
When clicked again, that log is closed and it says [LOG] again.
When clicked again, a new log is opened and, predictably, the button says [LOGGING]

Since I'm a fan of button bars for quick mouse travel and access, perhaps this can be located somewhere in the UI where it can be accessed at any point of using EMSTunee...such as a brand new button bar. :-)
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Fred (administrator)
2014-07-29 23:53

Agreed, I asked for this some months ago with different details.

I like your button with status except that it's not obvious that you click it to stop. How about "Stop Logging" and "Start New Log" or something.

Big +1 on the button bar with instant controls and notifications/data for common stuff eg this.

The missing detail is: Each new log should cause at least a partial interrogation, if not a full one. I understand that this is slow, but if you make it optional and on by default, that would cover different opinions:

1) Full reinterrogation (default, just trigger a mem check maybe? or precede that with fw version etc?)
2) Partial, only versions, no tuning data (OK except doesn't give evidence of existing state at the start of the log)
3) Don't reinterrogate (don't send me these logs, I don't want them...)

Also, re colours, I'd prefer green was logging, logging is good, not logging is evil. Red for not logging. I understand the contradiction with stop/go in this scheme, but I think this overrules that convention?
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Fred (administrator)
2014-07-29 23:55

Something else that I forgot: Let us choose file names and inject meta data comments in these new file-pairs (IE, in the JSON).

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