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0000895EMStudioBuild Systemspublic2014-05-22 14:502014-05-22 14:50
Assigned Tomalcom2073 
PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.0.1-SNAPSHOT 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000895: MinGW build creates both .a/.dll for FreeEMS plugin
DescriptionWhen compiling EMStudio source (ge24696f and others) in a 64bit Win7SP1 environment using 32bit MinGW, Qt 4.8, QJSON 8.1, QWT 6.1, and CMake, both the linker definition file libfreeemsplugin.a AND freeemsplugin.dll library are created. The former is an invalid 3k file and should instead contain the library as is the result with Win builds in Linux.

The consequence is that EMStudio will fail before GUI display unless the DLL is forced at load time via: emstudio -p plugins/freeemsplugin.dll
Steps To ReproduceThis appears to occur on any Windows build. I'm the only one trying this right now as all official EMStudio builds are autogenerated in Linux by Mike. He has a copy of the build walkthrough I've put together with his help.
Additional InformationOutput in log.txt without any intervention:
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:02:21.544 EMStudio commit: StableTwo-195-ge24696f-DEV
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:02:21.548 Full hash: e24696fad42716cdd0c39b2f27813d809f6cd9df
TRACE 2014-05-21T11:02:21.549 XCalc: "div" 50
TRACE 2014-05-21T11:02:21.549 XCalc: "div" 50
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:02:21.552 Loading plugin from: ""
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:02:21.611 Local settings file is: "/EMStudio/EMStudio-config.ini"
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:02:21.612 Attempting to load plugin: "plugins/libfreeemsplugin.a"
ERROR 2014-05-21T11:02:21.612 Unable to load plugin. error: "The file 'C:/Users/jsheldon/Desktop/Installers/First Build/EMStudio/plugins/libfreeemsplugin.a' is not a valid Qt plugin."

For comparison, output in log.txt when the DLL is referenced ("normal" output):
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:09:42.377 EMStudio commit: StableTwo-195-ge24696f-DEV
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:09:42.399 Full hash: e24696fad42716cdd0c39b2f27813d809f6cd9df
TRACE 2014-05-21T11:09:42.400 XCalc: "div" 50
TRACE 2014-05-21T11:09:42.400 XCalc: "div" 50
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:09:42.421 Loading plugin from: ""
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:09:42.471 Local settings file is: "/EMStudio/EMStudio-config.ini"
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:09:42.472 Attempting to load plugin: "plugins\freeemsplugin.dll"
DEBUG 2014-05-21T11:09:42.497 Logging from the plugin!!!
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:09:42.500 68 Error Keys Loaded
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:09:42.500 4 3D Tables Loaded
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:09:42.500 6 2D Tables Loaded
 INFO 2014-05-21T11:09:42.507 Starting emsComms: FreeEmsComms(0xfca1420)
DEBUG 2014-05-21T11:09:42.510 Window Activated New: "Packet Status"
ERROR 2014-05-21T11:09:42.517 Unable to connect to COM port
DEBUG 2014-05-21T11:09:43.908 Window Activated New: "Packet Status"
DEBUG 2014-05-21T11:09:47.139 Window Activated New: "About"
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