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0000889Jaguar PCBSchematicpublic2014-03-06 05:162014-03-06 05:16
Assigned ToDeuceEFI 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.6-alpha 
Target Version0.7-alphaFixed in Version 
Summary0000889: Record changes done to schematics and PCB between November 17, 2013 and March 5, 2014
DescriptionThis needs to be done to show changes to the schematics and the PCB between when the 0.6-alpha boards were manufactured and March 5, 2014.
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DeuceEFI (developer)
2014-03-06 05:16

The following changes have been made to the schematics and the PCB layout between November 17, 2013 and March 5, 2014:

* Increased the injector ground holes and the injector output holes from 0.040" to 0.046". - DONE 11/17/2013
* Added through holes for USB connections to allow for a remote mounted USB connector. Also corrected all header strip drill sizes to 0.0315" for a snug fit to hold the strip during assembly. - DONE 11/17/2013
* Offset the BDM pads by 0.002" for a snug fit, corrected LSD1 pin labels and verified that I already corrected the LSD2/LSD2-IN pads to be 0.046" drill size. - DONE 11/18/2013
* Changed Port P silkscreen text on back (through hole component) side from Port P0-3 to Port P3-0 since that matches the physical order of the pins. - DONE 11/28/2013
* Eliminated Pxx designations on the wire connection points and replaced them with the PCB silkscreen designations. - DONE 12/02/2013
* Changed to separate Creative Commons and MIT licenses for PCB and Schematics, respectively, and updated TODO with fuel pump driver change to be made. - DONE 01/29/2014
* Changed fuel pump LSD out for high side driver, removed Fan and LSD1 individual low side drivers for a pair of dual MOSFET low side drivers on the schematics. - DONE 02/04/2014
* Removed direct connection between Port A7 and the Fuel Pump HSD and added connection points to solder a jumper wire to select fuel pump HSD or LSD circuit. - DONE 02/04/2014
* Changed Spare ADC and IAT cpu pin capacitor from 1uF to 0.22uF. Also changed pcb revision to 0.7-alpha. - DONE 02/05/2014
* Revised notes on the first page of the schematic. Removed the recommended connector text as it did not have enough pins for all the I/O and did not fit the enclosure without modification of the connector. - DONE 02/05/2014
* Finished placement and routing of high side driver and the low side drivers on the PCB, ran DRC and found no errors. - DONE 03/05/2014
* Change Fuel Pump relay driver from a low side driver to a high side driver for Mazda and GM stock fuel pump relay wiring. - DONE 03/05/2014
* ^ resulted in all the spare LSD outputs being changed to SOIC-8 components which brings us to a total of 4 LSD outputs plus 1 HSD output.

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