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0000860EMStudioUser Interfacepublic2013-07-01 15:532013-07-02 23:22
Assigned Tomalcom2073 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionAll
Product Version0.0.1-SNAPSHOT 
Target Version0.0.1Fixed in Version0.0.1 
Summary0000860: Range checking of signed values buggy
Description[03:15] <FearlesslyFred> "a bug in emstudio. if I zero out the values signed table (0x1000) and then try to add a new value it fails"
[03:15] <FearlesslyFred> "it says something like the value needs to be in range 0-0. so basically impossible to put any other value than zero ;)"
[03:27] <malcom2073> Heh oops
[03:27] <malcom2073> That's an awesome bug.
Additional InformationRequires signed table firmware, not yet publicly available, to test.
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Issue TypeBug
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User avatar (0002684)
Fred (administrator)
2013-07-01 18:35

Should be fixed ASAP, please. Required by midnight tomorrow at the absolute latest.
User avatar (0002686)
malcom2073 (manager)
2013-07-01 22:38

Fixed in bf7eee9a8b96269bc14c7af887829ece4b36f4ac
User avatar (0002687)
Fred (administrator)
2013-07-02 23:21

Not fixed, and reporter has been reading your code, quote:

"hmmm. fixed 50%. can't input negative values. now instead of 0-0 range I get 0-65k
so unsigned range instead of signed
and something I forget to mention last time. when trying to access the table the second time it crashes emstudio

the table setValue method is comparing against min/max calced axis methods (getters)
ex. tableData->minCalcedXAxis()
but there is also minActualXAxis() in the tabledata object
no idea what calced vs actual means yet
the tableData setData method seems to put fixed 0-65k range into "calced" instance variables
then it tampers with the "actual" ones... not sure yet what.."

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