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0000811EMStudioGeneralpublic2013-01-17 22:252013-01-29 14:35
Assigned Tosean94z 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionAll
Product Version0.0.1-SNAPSHOT 
Target Version0.0.1Fixed in Version0.0.1 
Summary0000811: Please add handling of 2d tables with arbitrary length.
DescriptionI will need a 32ish cell long 2d table to tune MAF. Please add EMStudio support, as recompiling for cell changes blows :)

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Issue TypeImprovement
Attached Filespng file icon 2d-bug.png [^] (329,139 bytes) 2013-01-23 15:48
gz file icon FreeEMS-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT-221-g660bf49-DEV-SEANKR1-XGATE-EvenTeeth-Cam-16and1.s19.tar.gz [^] (43,407 bytes) 2013-01-29 14:35

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User avatar (0002534)
Fred (administrator)
2013-01-17 22:38

Approved, this will be a generally useful addition for all users, as smaller 16 bit tables will be needed for various things too. This has a comment about it: [^]

Though I described it in more detail elsewhere.

Basically as long as meta data matches, and type is 2d, and length is divisible by 4, you can simply cut it in half into axis and data and roll with it. Should be a very minor change to support this depending on how much hard coding and duplication there is.
User avatar (0002564)
sean94z (reporter)
2013-01-23 15:21

Hi mike, does this added json config entry look OK ? My 2d table is 32 value wide.

"MAF" : {
  "locationid" : "0x010E",
  "type" : "2D",
  "xtitle" : "voltage",
  "xcalc" : [{ "type":"div","value" : "0.0"}],
  "xdp" : "0",
  "xhighlight" : "voltage",
  "ytitle" : "Mass (g/s)",
  "ycalc" : [{ "type":"div","value" : "0.0"}],
  "ydp" : "2",
  "size" : "128"
User avatar (0002565)
sean94z (reporter)
2013-01-23 15:47

I get a size mismatch when I start the app.

/// This block used for 2d MAF
typedef struct {
    unsigned short Axis[TWODTABLEUS_MAF_LENGTH];
    unsigned short Values[TWODTABLEUS_MAF_LENGTH];
} twoDTableUSMAF;

/* TablesC small tables */
    case MAFVersusVoltageTableLocationID:
        details->size = sizeof(twoDTableUSMAF);
        details->RAMPage = RPAGE_TUNE_ONE;
        details->FlashPage = TUNETABLES_PPAGE;
        details->RAMAddress = (void*) &TablesC.SmallTablesC.MAFVersusVoltageTable;
        details->FlashAddress = MAFVersusVoltageTableLocation;
        details->parent = SmallTablesCLocationID;
User avatar (0002566)
sean94z (reporter)
2013-01-23 15:48

attached SS
User avatar (0002567)
sean94z (reporter)
2013-01-23 18:14

size = ((unsigned char)parsedPacket.payload[10]) << 8;
size += (unsigned char)parsedPacket.payload[11];

fixed that, now:

Creating new table view for location: 0x "10E"
TableView2D::passData "0x10E"
2D Table axis is out of order!
User avatar (0002568)
Fred (administrator)
2013-01-23 18:17

Well, is it?
User avatar (0002569)
sean94z (reporter)
2013-01-23 18:20

hmmmmmm, i figured it was *dummy. Let me properly populate my table and retry.
User avatar (0002570)
sean94z (reporter)
2013-01-23 18:43

Yep, it was my bunk table. Now I just need to file a table view bug that I just uncovered.
User avatar (0002588)
Fred (administrator)
2013-01-29 14:19

I presume this support was added and works?
User avatar (0002589)
Fred (administrator)
2013-01-29 14:20

Tested by Sean, hopefully. Close with hash or reopen, Sean.
User avatar (0002591)
sean94z (reporter)
2013-01-29 14:35

Works well, thx for the fast response.

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