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0000760Dev ToolsOtherpublic2012-11-20 08:532012-11-23 07:00
Assigned ToFred 
PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS VersionWheezy 64
Summary0000760: Broken dependencies in meta package
DescriptionFreeEMS-toolchain meta package Version: 0.0.8 is broken.

Fails due to:

1) Wrongly depends on i386 version of newlib, newlib is arch "all"...
2) Wrongly depends on i386 versions of make and bc which are system tools and should not have an arch specified

Please make these minimal changes to the meta package, only, and send me the required files to upload, or upload them to your repo for testing.

Note: i386 is the correct architecture for the other specific components. If I decompress both the only changes should be dates, 3 archs and one version.
Steps To ReproduceAttempt to install on 64 bit Debian.
Additional Informationdpkg --add-architecture i386
apt-get update
Get:32 [^] css-debs/binary i386 Packages [2,082 B]
Err [^] css-debs/binary amd64 Packages
  404 Not Found
Ign [^] css-debs/binary Translation-en_GB
Ign [^] css-debs/binary Translation-en
Fetched 328 kB in 15s (21.7 kB/s)
apt-get install freeems-toolchain
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 freeems-toolchain:i386 : Depends: newlib-mc9s12x:i386 (>= 1.18.0-6+6) but it is not installable
                          Depends: make:i386 but it is not going to be installed
                          Depends: bc:i386 but it is not going to be installed

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User avatar (0002413)
sean94z (reporter)
2012-11-21 17:19

What I would really like to see is Jenkins building these for us. I can have a go with the old build script at FreeScale-s12x-binutils-deprecated / toolchain-building and see where I get.
User avatar (0002414)
Fred (administrator)
2012-11-21 18:26

All well and good, but this is called a "hot fix" it's where you pull out ALL the stops to not FUCK your users by leaving them stranded. It's a couple of lines of single char changes, or similar. Just do it, worry about Jenkins building shit that doesn't get built anyway, just assembled, later. I do not want and will NOT accept packages for the tools until they're finalised. I repeat, please get a fix out for this meta package ahead of ALL other PROJECT items. Cuddle your kid/wife and weld your buggy as much as you like, but this is 0000001 for FreeEMS stuff.
User avatar (0002415)
sean94z (reporter)
2012-11-21 18:44 [^]
No one is stranded, unless this script doesn’t work.

"I do not want and will NOT accept packages for the tools until they're finalised."
Isn’t this a request to fix a tools package?

"It's a couple of lines of single char changes, or similar."
True, if I had the original code. I have Daves script which he based off of my old script, so I can give it a try, but I don’t believe it will build old code. Does that work for you, I'm slightly confused as to what needs to be done?
User avatar (0002416)
Fred (administrator)
2012-11-21 18:54

User avatar (0002417)
Fred (administrator)
2012-11-21 18:55

This: [^]
User avatar (0002418)
Fred (administrator)
2012-11-21 18:57

This: "No one is stranded, unless this script doesn’t work." is complete bullshit. Users do not build code, they just run it. This goes for firmware too, and will be a reality in a few days or so.
User avatar (0002419)
sean94z (reporter)
2012-11-21 19:25

Well it sounds like "Priority immediate" will expire in a few days then, which may come before I get a chance to fix it, I'm on vacation doing as little as possible. I would jump on it, but it sounds like my efforts are in vein.

"not FUCK your users by leaving them stranded" vs " Users do not build code, they just run it. This goes for firmware too, and will be a reality in a few days or so. "

Tell this user they can also manually install the 4 packages that make up the tool set vs running the script, or give them my contact info and I can lend a hand :)
User avatar (0002420)
Fred (administrator)
2012-11-21 19:36

You could have fixed it 50 times in the time you've spent posting on this. If you're on holiday, be so. Don't get on here and/or IRC looking for shortcuts. If you're on here/IRC, open a terminal, edit a few characters, save, build, email it. Trivial shit. If you try to tell me you don't have access to your own boxes at home, I'll probably do something drastic and unreasonable.

What the fuck has my firmware build being fully automated for all users customised builds got to do with this issue? Nothing.

For the record, I do not need your help to install packages, however I will not install those packages via an inferior manual method, because then the next person will get fucked too. This is an issue that has existed for a year and a half, or more. I've finally diagnosed it for you, in detail, handed you the fix, on a sliver platter, and you're shunning it. You don't need a 64 bit box, you just need to remove your finger.

Heart broken.
User avatar (0002421)
sean94z (reporter)
2012-11-21 20:02

I'm not trying to short-cut, just simply not leave someone stranded. Leaving people stranded is something I don’t do at least not if I can help it.

"You could have fixed it 50 times in the time you've spent posting on this." Everyone appreciates you getting to the bottom of it, I'm not shunning it. But where I am at I doubt it's faster to fix vs aid in a one-off manor albeit an inferior solution. Priority = immediate, to me means put the fire out as fast as you can.

"Heart broken."
Sorry mate :(
User avatar (0002422)
Fred (administrator)
2012-11-21 20:44

Fixed and live online. Will reopen tomorrow if it's no good.

Preparing to replace freeems-toolchain 0.0.8 (using .../freeems-toolchain_0.0.9_all.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement freeems-toolchain ...
Setting up freeems-toolchain (0.0.9) ...
User avatar (0002423)
sean94z (reporter)
2012-11-21 20:56

Right on :)
User avatar (0002427)
Fred (administrator)
2012-11-23 07:00

It's not possible to solve this! The newlib package that you built is broken internally. Having said that, I would have done the same thing, so I can't blame you.

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