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0000663LoaderSerial Monitor Commspublic2012-08-28 21:402012-08-29 02:16
Assigned Tosean94z 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionAll
Product Version0.1.0-SNAPSHOT 
Target Version0.1.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000663: Show all four SM version blocks in the UI
Descriptionfirst one is used as date, so the hex should be displayed as hex to be correct for most versions, eg

softwareID1 = 0x0723 ;Software revision (date)
softwareID2 = 0x2004 ;Software revision (year)
softwareID3 = 0x0202 ;Software revision (ver)
softwareID4 = 0x1001 ;device ID (H256 for example)

7th month, 23rd day, 2004AD year, 2.2 version.
Additional InformationMarked as immediate such that I can use this during my testing and SM dev. Should be a piece of cake anyway and won't slow loads more than a fraction of a second.
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Issue TypeNew Feature
Risk of Breakagevery low
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User avatar (0001954)
sean94z (reporter)
2012-08-29 01:07

np, can you shoot me an s19 for testing with ? I'll see if I can get it knocked out tonight, I will be down for a day or two soon :)
User avatar (0001955)
sean94z (reporter)
2012-08-29 01:12

After parsing out the date, I should be able to verify that it's a valid time stamp and if not, display a warning.... What do you think?

7th month, 23rd day, 2004AD year,
User avatar (0001956)
Fred (administrator)
2012-08-29 01:23

Display as is, as hex digits, you never know what some arsehole might use them for ;-)

Same dude may add a new call/field too, we'll see.

what do you want an s19 for?
User avatar (0001957)
sean94z (reporter)
2012-08-29 01:29
edited on: 2012-08-29 01:41

Well that makes it easy.

I have to ask though, what happened to that statement that you made some time ago? It sounds like someone else is working on it. [^]

User avatar (0001958)
Fred (administrator)
2012-08-29 01:41

Get some sleep? :-/
User avatar (0001959)
sean94z (reporter)
2012-08-29 01:43

Lol, I have been working so hard lately I could sleep for days. Therefor I shall stay up :) Almost done, just have to hope mrs and mother in-law doesn’t come back soonish.
User avatar (0001960)
sean94z (reporter)
2012-08-29 01:59

So this data will always precede the current S0 data? Maybe you can put a special string right before the actual data you want ?? FreeEMS0xFF ??

Example S19 built via binutils:
User avatar (0001961)
Fred (administrator)
2012-08-29 02:09

I have no idea what you're smoking, but the S0 stuff and the "display sm version fields" issues are entirely and completely unrelated.
User avatar (0001962)
Fred (administrator)
2012-08-29 02:16

$B7 — Device_info B7/DC/IDID — Returns the constant $DC (Device C=12) and the 2-byte
HCS12 device ID register. Please refer to selected device guides for device ID
register contents.

Turns out that this isn't (currently) possible. I'll likely fix it in future to return more than it currently does in a new call. Pull the device ID, though.

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