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0000600EMStudioGeneralpublic2012-06-25 01:062012-11-20 16:31
Assigned Tomalcom2073 
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Target VersionASAPFixed in Version 
Summary0000600: 3D Table View data manipulation
DescriptionThis is draft 1 of how the 3D tables (VE, ignition timing, etc.) should be able to be manipulated.

In lieu of finding out that Mike has already implemented most of what I was planning on describing here, I will just mention the unfinished stuff.

Copy/paste of cell data needs to work, including copying selected rectangles and pasting into selections of the same size and shape.
I have no clue how to work out copying and pasting a scattered selection.
Edit: This now has its own issue - 0000607

Need key bindings to increment and decrement (fine adjustment only?) the selected cell's values. "+" and "=" to increment and "-" to decrement (both on the keyboard and on the number pad) is traditional, but more can be used if people want. Up Arrow and Down Arrow are not to be used for this, as they should move focus/selection instead.

Right click menus:

-Set value (lets you set the selected cell values directly)
-Adjust value by (adjusts the selected cell values by the entered amount, negative numbers to adjust down)
-Percentage change (enter 0-99 for less, 100 for the same, and 101+ for additional)
-Calculate rows (takes the value in the first column of a row, the value in the last column of the row, and fills in the middle cells to make a perfectly straight line of the data)
-Calculate columns (Like above, only for the columns of data)
-Calculate (present instead of the two above when only a single row or column is selected)
-Formula (treat any alphabetic character entered as the current cell data and adjust according to the formula entered) (For example, current cell data = 15 | Formula entered = 5 + (a*2) | Resulting cell data would be 35.)

I will post more as I test things out and things progress.
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User avatar (0001609)
BenFenner (updater)
2012-06-25 01:27

Oh, ALL of this stuff above should also work on the 2D tables.
User avatar (0001610)
BenFenner (updater)
2012-06-25 01:37

And don't forget to keep this in the back of your mind (Fred needs to allow table resizing for this): [^]
User avatar (0001614)
Fred (administrator)
2012-06-25 06:48

The firmware has been capable of table resizing for four years or more...

I've written tuner-side code to do the resizes myself, though clearly it would need to be tightly integrated into the gui in terms of what TYPE of resize you want.

Table resize stuff requires intelligent manipulation of data in the tuner and to send the entire table in a single go. Any resizing requires entire table in a single go because the data no longer makes sense if you rearrange it (unless flat table)

Other thoughts:

inc/dec needs a course key binding. It might be nice to also have small buttons for many of these key bindings. Maybe "+", "-", "++", "--" or similar.

I don't see a reason to limit your calculate to single row/col at a time. Have two options, use left/right, and use top/bottom, then any rectangle will work and just smooth between the two appropriate edges. You could limit the menu options based on selected size. IE, you need 3 or more in order to interpolate, so if it's 2x3,1x3,3x2,3x1, only present one option, 3x3 would be the first selection size to get both.
User avatar (0001615)
Fred (administrator)
2012-06-25 06:56

[03:22] <@BenFenner> We can work on the polish later, as I'm sure Fred would prefer that.

Work on later, discuss and specify now.

"I won't get into the details of exactly how everything should work or behave."

Please do, this is about what's possible and what's desirable. What gets implemented will be towards that and a subset of that. With respect to editing table data using a tabular view of 3D data, list EVERYTHING that you want. Then it can stew in Mike's (not Malcom...) mind and his code will naturally move in your direction making it more likely that you get what you want.
User avatar (0001618)
BenFenner (updater)
2012-06-25 17:19

Fred said: "I don't see a reason to limit your calculate to single row/col at a time. Have two options, use left/right, and use top/bottom, then any rectangle will work and just smooth between the two appropriate edges. "

If it was unclear in my initial description I apologize. The way Fred describes this, is the same way I was hoping for it to work.
User avatar (0002409)
BenFenner (updater)
2012-11-20 16:13

Justin (Hentai/techsalvager) could really have used the "Set value" feature earlier this week.
Can we get this put into 0.0.1 instead of "ASAP"?

Everything should be easy except maybe the "Formula" one, which is fine to split off into a new issue and put in a later release.
User avatar (0002410)
Fred (administrator)
2012-11-20 16:17

Ben, I think the entire issue is too much for 0.0.1, but feel free to create sub issues, link them properly, and put them where you feel it makes sense. This can be the meta issue and discussion issue that shows progress as a whole.
User avatar (0002411)
BenFenner (updater)
2012-11-20 16:23

I've already made note that the copy/paste part of this has it's own issue.
I also think the increment/decrement keyboard stuff is already implemented. Not sure if there was an issue created for that?

That leaves the right-click menus only. Should I make a new issue for them? Perhaps one for the easy ones, and one for the "Formula" one?
User avatar (0002412)
Fred (administrator)
2012-11-20 16:31

If one's done, and should be included, and others aren't done, and won't be, then make one for the done one, and one each for which ever groups make sense, after that.

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