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0000566TunixGeneral Featurespublic2012-04-06 22:012012-04-07 12:33
Assigned ToFred 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionAll
Product Version0.9.24-SNAPSHOT 
Target Version0.9.24Fixed in Version 
Summary0000566: Determine Which, if any, of the Nag Screens should stay
DescriptionCurrently when you try to exit MTX you are confronted with a variety of "are you sure, do you want" type screens. This makes the user experience somewhat irritating and several users other than myself have complained about it to me.

Any sort of "are you sure you want to quit?" message should have a good foundation, IE, quitting should have the implication of losing data or hard-to-setup state. If we examine the nag screens presented we find this:

"Are you sure you want to quit?"
"Do you want to save the internal datalog to disk?"
"Do you want to save the tune/configuration to disk?"

If we examine what MTX has we find:

1) That it holds an internal un-requested datalog/memory leak of unlimited size/length
2) That it could have tuning data un-burned to the device (only in device volatile memory) present
3) Window state (size/position) could be saved/restored next time.

Nothing else is present/possible.

According to 0000565 MTX already does save state for 3) provided that you don't fall victim to a segfault or kill the app to avoid the nag screens. If this is working, as Dave claims that it is, then the first nag screen is invalid because the other two take care of the other two lose-able items.

With respect to 1) I've written up a detailed solution in 0000561 which I strongly believe should be implemented as the current design is dangerous and less useful than it could be. If the information in 0000561 was put to good use, 1) would be a non-issue too.

With respect to 2) MTX is in sync with the device and has at its hands, whether it uses them, or not, tools to determine what is or isn't present on the device. It illustrates its knowledge of state by showing a red "permanently store data in ecu" button. This global state could be utilised to present this dialogue in a new form:

Nothing to burn: no dialogue.
Stuff to burn: new dialogue with:

Discard unburned data?
Burn data to ecu now?


With these changes the app has absolutely no valid reason to display a "are you sure" dialogue, no need to display a "save datalog" dialogue, and will only display the tune data dialog when there is a legitimate reason to.

The tuning data situation could easily be dealt with by archiving time stamped versions to disk periodically, or even on each change, thus rendering the tuning data save as redundant too by already having been done.
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dandruczyk (viewer)
2012-04-07 12:33

use the -q option (quiet)

setup an alias in your ~/.bash_profile
alias mtx="/usr/local/bin/megatunix -q -p freeems"

Most end users frankly need all the (annoying) handholding possible, advanced users can use the alias...

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