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0000532TunixFreeEMS Pluginpublic2012-03-04 21:002012-03-26 05:09
Assigned ToToxicGumbo 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionAll
Product Version0.9.24-SNAPSHOT 
Target Version0.9.24Fixed in Version0.9.24-SNAPSHOT 
Summary0000532: Table export and restore feature
DescriptionTable export and restore feature for use while tuning and loading new firmware. You can get away with just the full tune restore if no config changes happen, but it's pretty essential for the next few months as Fred will be making lots of config changes.
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User avatar (0001246)
Preston (reporter)
2012-03-04 21:03

I have set the severity to block because it's not practical to tune using MTX without this.
User avatar (0001247)
Fred (administrator)
2012-03-04 21:21

Set target version and removed pointless data from steps/additional.
User avatar (0001248)
pjohns30 (reporter)
2012-03-04 22:27

Reminder sent to: dandruczyk, Fred

If this isn't too hard to implement, and you have the time in the near future it would be really nice to have. Thanks for your time.

User avatar (0001249)
ToxicGumbo (reporter)
2012-03-05 06:06

This would be highly welcomed. I'm working on a FreeEMS conversion right now and would like take advantage of upcoming features, but don't want to install until I can safely upgrade my VE and timing tunes.
User avatar (0001250)
Fred (administrator)
2012-03-05 17:52

Sample/draft file formats, YAML being preferred, but XML or JSON will work equally well for the time being:

YAML [^]
JSON [^]
XML [^]
Machine YAML [^]
Machine JSON [^]

All should contain the same data and structure, just in different file formats.
dandruczyk (viewer)
2012-03-19 01:25

Completed and functional in hash: e135abfa302f829747aa9414a0e619a845530225

NOTE: This has minimal if any error checking. Explicitly mangled yaml WILL break it, you have been warned. Only tables with matching dimensions can be imported. i.e. you can't shove a 12x12 into as 16x16, you will get command line errors if you try. Mtx DOES NOT check the units used for the tables and axis's, as they are not strictly defined yet (hence it makes little value to verify them), so you an shove an AFR table into a VE table and vice versus if their dimensions match. BE CAREFULL. Further checks and balances will be added in the future as deemed appropriate.
dandruczyk (viewer)
2012-03-19 01:25

Please test. NOTE error checking is minimal.
User avatar (0001281)
Preston (reporter)
2012-03-19 01:45

Thank you Dave! Muchly appreciated.

I have assigned this to you!
please if you cannot test right away then assign this to someone else who can.

Cheers all.
dandruczyk (viewer)
2012-03-19 11:48

I've already tested it. Toxic, please rest further...
User avatar (0001283)
Fred (administrator)
2012-03-19 12:15

Granted, Preston's message made little to no sense, but you may have noticed that it was assigned to Andy, not you ;-)

Who ever tests it, preferably more than one of you, here are my comments from IRC:

[18:37] <FreeAir> latest mtx does table export import to from yaml
[18:37] <FreeAir> test the living **** out of it please :-)
[18:37] <FreeAir> report your findings somewhere neatly
[18:37] <FreeAir> try to break import with random weirdness in files
[18:37] <FreeAir> check all four tables
[18:38] <FreeAir> observe what happens to data if you load the wrong stuff into the wrong table
[18:38] <FreeAir> etc
[18:38] <FreeAir> malform yaml
[18:38] <FreeAir> put extra nodes in yaml
[18:38] <FreeAir> take out requied nodes
[18:38] <FreeAir> etc
[18:39] <FreeAir> go CRAZY :-)

Document everything that you notice. Cheers!
User avatar (0001284)
Fred (administrator)
2012-03-20 02:54

For the record:

[00:00] <PJSeries> @dandruczyk_home: I haven't tried the import export feature on a running car yet, because I don't have my car right now. I have tried it on a extra board I have, and it seems to work for the most part. If I click the Import/Export table button below the table(s) it brings up a window to select where the table is going to or coming from. If I click File and select Export/_Import Table(s) from the drop down menu it doesn't seem to
[00:01] <@dandruczyk_home> thx i forgot about the file menu
User avatar (0001285)
ToxicGumbo (reporter)
2012-03-20 16:13

Manually manipulating numbers and mixing table imports doesn't cause any interruption to MegaTunix and all appears to behave as expected in those conditions.

Dave mentioned that he hasn't yet accounted for corrupt syntax/formatting at this time. Given that, it's only when exported table data's intentionally damaged that MegaTunix results in a crash (with messages relative to where the damage is introduced) rather than simply refusing the import. Would like to see sanity checks that verify imported yaml integrity and that also check title to avoid errantly importing wrong table data. Either could result in import refusal with prompt while MTX continues to run untouched data.
User avatar (0001335)
ToxicGumbo (reporter)
2012-03-26 05:09

Still haven't found yaml table problems and other testers haven't had anything new to add. Table import/export from the File menu has been disabled by Dave as of hash ff2c6c0. Closing issue.

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