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0000530FirmwareBuild Processpublic2012-02-28 13:372012-03-08 16:19
Assigned ToFred 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.2.0-SNAPSHOT 
Target Version0.2.0Fixed in Version0.2.0 
Summary0000530: Date stamping recalculated for each file.
DescriptionThis should be done once, so the structure of the makefile is a little broken. It doesn't have any practical impact, besides build speed, though, because only one file holds that information anyway. It would be nicer if it was calculated at the start of the make process and used as-is after that.
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Issue TypeBug
Risk of Breakagevery low
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dandruczyk (viewer)
2012-03-08 14:41

Since only one file needs to defines for the date stamp, build os, and such, adjust the Makefile(s) to only define those for that ONE FILE. This also makes it easy to set an env var or similar to turn them to a fixed string for being able to check the firmware md5sum, which would always be different due to the timestamp and other dynamic info interjected in the file.
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Fred (administrator)
2012-03-08 16:19

Fixed in b579eb189f00e775381f6a03c124c6a0fd1a45dc

Make with externals using =

real 0m9.767s
user 0m2.452s
 sys 0m1.348s
real 0m8.481s
user 0m2.280s
 sys 0m1.432s
real 0m10.069s
user 0m2.248s
 sys 0m1.568s
real 0m10.040s
user 0m2.272s
 sys 0m1.588s
real 0m9.717s
user 0m2.336s
 sys 0m1.440s

Make with externals using :=

real 0m5.668s
user 0m1.904s
 sys 0m0.660s
real 0m6.074s
user 0m1.936s
 sys 0m0.660s
real 0m7.816s
user 0m1.916s
 sys 0m0.764s
real 0m6.321s
user 0m1.832s
 sys 0m0.756s
real 0m6.761s
user 0m1.796s
 sys 0m0.852s

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