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0000439TunixGeneral Featurespublic2011-11-27 01:272011-11-28 11:24
Assigned Todandruczyk 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionAll
Product Version0.9.24-SNAPSHOT 
Target Version1.0.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000439: Move Console To Internal Window
DescriptionI don't know how feasible/possible this is in C with the MTX arch, but it would be nice if the messages that you currently write to the console could be seen in a window by users who launch from a menu or on windows platforms. In Java it's straight forward to tee the stream to the console, to a console window or both. I believe that C++ has a similar mechanism. If this isn't possible, close won't fix, if it's merely difficult, just assign it to some future version for target :-)
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dandruczyk (viewer)
2011-11-28 00:28

Depending on what is emitting the message, the info is probably ALREADY being logged to ~/MTXlog.txt. It depends if the code use dbg_func(), or just printf(). Printf was mainly for code in development so the output is "right there", vs having to tee off a logfile to see the info.

When megatunix is compiled with --enable-debug, it also displays any log info set with the CRITICAL enum to the controlling TTY as well as the logfile.

Things could be better, I believe i already have an issue open for improving how the debugging stuff works in mtx, as of now it is very inefficient, and results in lots of memory allocations/deallocations), even if stuff isn't actually logged to files.
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Fred (administrator)
2011-11-28 11:24

OK, that's good to hear. So all that really needs to happen if you should desire a window with console style info in it, is to add backing to the dbg_func() function and grep out any printfs that are floating around. Cool :-)

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