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0000400FirmwareSerial Commspublic2011-11-18 00:292014-02-18 23:05
Assigned ToFred 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.2.0-SNAPSHOT 
Target Version0.2.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0000400: Bring Core Serial Protocol Fully Up To Date
DescriptionReversion when these are done:

Consider rename to non freeems naming as per comments in 0000355
Reference to payload type bit in header.
Mention overrun errors at high rpm or other interrupt load
Consider unreserving some header bits for application use
Consider change to CRC from simple 8 bit
Consider change to ranges of payload ID and meaning, protocol, application, user hacking
Consider adding more core packets that are required to be implemented as per other issue
Remove wording about freeems implementation details from checksum section
Consider adding core protocol version request
Allow for error payload data to be sent
Remove implementation details from flow control paragraph "disabling isrs"
Add a note to flow control about danger of not waiting for previous response if it affects what you should do next
Add note to flow control about waiting until you've checked the rx packet to ensure it contains a success rather than simply sleeping/waiting.
Remove freeems impl details from packet size section
Response times shouldn't be exactly specified, but expected figures should be quoted, once known.
Add a note about optional support of different parity types, even, odd, none to work around bad hardware.
Packet data format - talk about escapes changing min length up from 4 to max of 8. (just add "escaped" to the front)
Remove ref to external PDF from bit format
Remove size limitations on versions, require one char + null which is the minimum reasonable, no upper cap
Consider designing multi packet BLOB support into protocol.
Change the format of the packets to not be a table, it's ugly, do subsections instead.
Add reinit to the core
See 0000355 for two more extreme ideas.

And then update the vanilla doc to refer to itself PLUS a specific version of this document.
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Issue TypeTask
Risk of Breakagemedium
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Fred (administrator)
2011-11-18 20:38

Add one or more reserved error codes for protocol use, especially "Not Implemented" such that optional functions can still return something of value to indicate to something probing the device that it does implement the protocol, just partially.

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