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0000004FirmwareBuild Processpublic2008-10-29 10:422008-10-31 09:08
Assigned ToFred 
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Target Version0.0.17-SpudEchoesFixed in Version0.0.17-SpudEchoes 
Summary0000004: .vector and .bss overlap during the link
DescriptionThis occurs with nearly 2 kilobytes of flash space unused in the s19 image. Either bss data should be present in the s19, or should be removed from the link somehow to free the 2k space for further code to reside in.

Blocking because code size is currently right on the 48k limit and we can't exceed that due to hcs12mem issues and lack of custom loader.
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Fred (administrator)
2008-10-29 22:55

I've been looking into this today and have found a few things to try out. I found that I wasn't including the .data section in the S19. This is bad as it probably means that some variables weren't being initialised properly... I have noted a few things to test with regards this so will be looking into it more tomorrow evening.

I had a quick look at the ms2e s19 and memory map and found that they also have an unused hole between the code and vectors. I'm currently wondering if the compiler is trying to be smart by assuming that unwritten flash is zero or is one after an erase and just not loading the data and reading from the bare flash to init.
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Fred (administrator)
2008-10-31 09:08

This morning I continued yesterdays investigation and eventually found a missing AT() clause in the linker script. I can now add more functions as there is a chunk more free space available. Most happy about this :-)

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