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0000311OLVGeneral Featurespublic2011-10-18 14:282011-11-19 22:35
Assigned ToBenFenner 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionAll
Product Version0.0.1-SNAPSHOT 
Target Version1.1.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000311: Add Coloured Scatter Plots
DescriptionSee attached image for more information.

This will involve iterating over the entire data set and collecting statistics, not too difficult at all, really.
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Attached Filesjpg file icon ScatterPlots.jpg [^] (65,558 bytes) 2011-10-18 14:28

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BenFenner (developer)
2011-11-19 17:54

I've been giving this some thought, and in my opinion this does not belong in version 1.0.0. I think it belongs in a later version, as it looks like feature creep to me. Surely this is not something expected of a simple, clean, fully functioning data log viewer. This is more data log analysis. Same as virtual dyno features, etc.
User avatar (0000626)
Fred (administrator)
2011-11-19 19:29

Sure, that's reasonable, it definitely belongs after other stuff, no question. I guess the question is what "viewing a log" means? You could say that you only want to see the traces over time, or, you could say that you want to visualise the data within the file in every way possible to visualise it. As a single statistical set is one of those ways. I actually used to strongly think that such features as autotune and this sort of thing did NOT belong in a log viewer, but now I'm starting to come around. It feels like the natural place. The tuner only has the "now" or immediate history for that, the log viewer gets a huge sample from X minutes/hours to work on and process and produce results from. Shall I create version 1.1.0 and assign this to it?
User avatar (0000629)
BenFenner (developer)
2011-11-19 22:27

Something like version 1.1.0 sounds good to me.
User avatar (0000630)
Fred (administrator)
2011-11-19 22:35

Done! :-)

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