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0000302FirmwareDecoderspublic2011-10-17 20:192014-06-25 13:33
Assigned ToFred 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.2.0-SNAPSHOT 
Target Version0.2.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0000302: Improve Performance Of Missing Tooth Decoder
DescriptionIt's fine on 36-1 and less, with 11k RPM being the practical limit for 36-1 (hard limit at just under 12k), however for 60-2 users, we need to optimise it somewhat.

Based on the performance of the 36 minus one variant, we can expect others to perform as follows:

(35 / 58) * 11000 = 6637.93103 RPM
(35 / 23) * 11000 = 16739.13040 RPM
(35 / 11) * 11000 = 35000.00000 RPM (note, limited by 32767.5 var limit in code)

These are for crank use, for cam use, double the listed RPM figures.

As you can see the only one that really needs work is the 60-2 variant, however it should be straight forward to optimise them all somewhat.
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Fred (administrator)
2012-03-18 18:27

Prelude needs this by 19th May, 2 months tomorrow. Will find some sort of solution by then.
User avatar (0002823)
Fred (administrator)
2014-06-25 11:07

These figures seem optimistic. I'm unsure where I got them from, or how, but I remember it being a lot lower than that. Something around:

36-1 = 5k
60-2 = 2.5k

Or there abouts.

Need to verify what the current limits are, then measure the new fixed code to see what its limits are.

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