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0000269TunixGeneral Featurespublic2011-09-24 13:242011-10-24 22:33
Assigned Todandruczyk 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionAll
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Target Version1.0.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000269: Add Ability To Disconnect From Device
DescriptionIt would be nice if I could tell MTX to leave the serial device alone so as to load new firmware without quitting and relaunching MTX, or let cutecom do a log, or do something with the jimstim, or whatever. This would fit into the architecture for an offline mode, too, probably.

I envisiage several states:

 - Offline adjusting data in memory only
 - Online adjusting data in memory and live ECU and keeping them in sync
 - Empty with no ECU profile loaded

Empty without profile would be able to load one from chosen file and become Offline OR interrogate an ECU and become Online

Offline would be able to become Online when the user tells it to try OR Empty if the user tells it to unload, or if the user selects a new profile, to unload and then load (may as well keep the functionality un-duplicated).

Online would be able to become Offline if the user tells it to disconnect OR Empty if the user asks it to unload.

When in Offline or Online modes, the user should be able to save the tune data to a file of some sort.

When in Online mode the user should be able to blow away all the data in memory from the device (with a warning) or pump all the data in memory into the device (with a warning).

Saving of individual parts of the tune (tab by tab as-is or perhaps more granular later with information loaded from a descriptor file) should be possible, without warning, in either offline or online modes to an existing file, or for online, to the device.

Priority marked as low.
Additional InformationDepends on new backup/restore file format to deal with partial backup/restore well
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dandruczyk (viewer)
2011-09-26 00:40

not likely to happen anytime soon. Verfy difficult to handle in anything close to sane among all the different ECU types and their "issues".

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