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0000023FirmwareBuild Processpublic2008-11-01 23:382008-11-04 22:04
Assigned ToFred 
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Product Version0.0.16-FlashGordon 
Target Version0.0.17-SpudEchoesFixed in Version0.0.17-SpudEchoes 
Summary0000023: Investigate Paged Function Memory Addressing
DescriptionI'm not 100% certain that the linear addresses reported by hcs12mem when doing a dump are accurate in terms of what GCC does with them. I need to compile a program with some functions in paged space and see how the assembly generated looks with respect what it puts in PPAGE to switch pages for a given linear address. After that I can finalise the Makefile and memory.x and linker script to work correctly for all pages. Once this work is completed and the loader utility written we can start writing serious quantities of code for all sorts of nifty features :-)
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Fred (administrator)
2008-11-04 20:08

I did some solid work on this today and will try it out shortly.
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Fred (administrator)
2008-11-04 22:04

Paging is now implemented in FreeEMS 0.0.17 pre release and works nicely.

It throws a lot of warnings, but I think they don't matter.

We now have 128k of flash to play with instead of the 48k we had before.

The addresses I had before were wrong afterall. I solved it by using those same warnings.

Additionally, hcs12mem and the serial monitor function fine out to that 128k limit.

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