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0000217LoaderFirmware Commspublic2011-07-19 15:592012-09-17 15:05
Assigned Tosean94z 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionAll
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Target Version0.1.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000217: Implement Firmware Reset Button
DescriptionBe able to send a reset packet to the firmware to get into the serial monitor (if the load/run switch is appropriate). Use state determined in 0000216 to enable/disable this button. And rerun the interrogation after such a reset to find out what happened.
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sean94z (reporter)
2012-09-17 14:34

What about this:

When you click connect, if firmware is running the connect button will read "Reset Firmware". vs adding another button.
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Fred (administrator)
2012-09-17 15:05

You need to notify the user that it's failed, and why. Dave's pop up in MTX is on the right track IMO. In the case of this, the user has to physically change their hardware, so a pop up is not an inconvenience.

1. Connect
2A. if FW popup:"FW version XXX is running, if you're sure that you've got no unsaved tune changes, move the load jumper or load switch and click retry" with buttons "retry" and "cancel"
2B. if SM behave as before.

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