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0000208TunixGeneral Featurespublic2011-07-13 00:442012-04-15 21:01
Assigned Todandruczyk 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionAll
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Target Version1.0.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000208: Design a new backup/restore methodology
DescriptionThe current backup/restore system works but is impossible to restore a config to an ECU with a different memory layout that the source unit. MT/TS uses a namespace method (which works as long as the namespace NEVER EVER changes). We need something better than the two. This is dependant on several other issues, namely mt.ini parse, msq parse, freeems yaml parse, etc..
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Fred (administrator)
2011-11-23 21:28

There were some discussions on this in IRC today. I will reproduce them here for safe keeping:

[16:13] <@FreeAir> dandruczyk_home: any way of making the tabs show up in offline mode without data?
[16:14] <dandruczyk_home> nope, not without a full memory map of the device, currently that is only readable from a connected device.
[16:14] <@FreeAir> how is that done for megajizz?
[16:14] <dandruczyk_home> memory map is know X pages of Y size each
[16:14] <dandruczyk_home> hence mtx can make an offline representation
[16:15] <@FreeAir> page = location?
[16:15] <dandruczyk_home> but i donno that info for freeems
[16:15] <dandruczyk_home> in freeems i need to query it (the list of blocks and their sizes/flags). I could possibly hardcode that in the interrogation profile but it would get unmanageable uber fast thus i won't do it for the time being
[16:16] <@FreeAir> what about doing a one time dump to the same file format you use for megapoo and then fail if it differs from what is read in?
[16:16] <@FreeAir> and adjust to suit when diffs are found and described by the code as debug output
[16:17] <@FreeAir> or have an "ignore file" or "ignore device" mode?
[16:17] <@FreeAir> just brainstorming
[16:17] <dandruczyk_home> not easy, as the memory layout is done BEFORE a file read
[16:18] <dandruczyk_home> mem layout is done at interrogation phase. file restore is something that could be done at any time thereafter, and thus there's an indeterminate period where everything would be broken
[16:18] <dandruczyk_home> just use a device
[16:18] <dandruczyk_home> or make a simulator in code to replace said device (hard)
[16:19] <@FreeAir> dandruczyk_home: but how does mega work???
[16:19] <@FreeAir> it clearly reads it from a file, no?
[16:19] <@FreeAir> or is that hard coded?
[16:19] <dandruczyk_home> there is no code to quey mem layout for the device
[16:19] <dandruczyk_home> hence its DEFINED in the interro profile and loaded when the device is interrogated, thus it calls a big "mem_alloc" function which builds all the structures to represent ECU state..
[16:20] <@FreeAir> right
[16:20] <@FreeAir> so ms2e intero prof is huge?
[16:20] <dandruczyk_home> freeems does NOT have it defined in the interro profile, because its very complex and there are gobs of pages (locationID's)
[16:20] * FreeAir goes to check
[16:20] <dandruczyk_home> the huge part is the stuff regarding tables and shit
[16:20] <dandruczyk_home> for the mem layout its small
[16:20] <@FreeAir> ok
[16:20] <@FreeAir> you need a two way mechanism for that stuff
[16:21] <@FreeAir> such that if/when you migrate to another format the app can do it for you
[16:21] <@FreeAir> ie
[16:21] <@FreeAir> app needs the info
[16:21] <@FreeAir> but doesn't care if it gets it from disk, code, device, thin air, etc
[16:21] <@FreeAir> and can write it back to the disk
[16:21] <dandruczyk_home> only way I can imagine it is either hardcoded in a file, or read from the device
[16:22] <@FreeAir> needs to pass back and forward from those formats
[16:22] <@FreeAir> you're saying that you have no internal representation right?
[16:22] <@FreeAir> just memory and some array of pointers?
[16:22] <@FreeAir> and hopefully encapsulated accessors to prevent "null pointers" :-)
[16:23] <dandruczyk_home> it is a multilevel array, one blob per location ID. yes it has protection and wrappers around it
[16:25] <dandruczyk_home> for a MS interro profile, there's a value called "TotalPages", and that number of sections called page_0-page_N that define the important bits about that range of data. (length, the physicla ECU page representation, whether to download this by default or not, etc)
[16:26] <@FreeAir> so can/could you query these structures once pulled out of a running device? and if so, then you could programmaticaly format them and dump them to a file, right?
[16:26] <dandruczyk_home> like TS/MT pages defined in the datamaps DO NOT directly correspond to the physical page within the ECU. they might, but are NOT required to do so.
[16:26] <dandruczyk_home> in theory yes
dandruczyk (viewer)
2012-04-15 19:39

Issue moved to new issue tracker at [^]
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Fred (administrator)
2012-04-15 19:52

This stays open until a link to the exact issue on your new tracker is provided, then it still stays open until the actual issue is resolved.
dandruczyk (viewer)
2012-04-15 19:53

This tracker will no longer be utilized effective immediately.
User avatar (0001455)
Fred (administrator)
2012-04-15 19:55

False! This tracker will continue to be utilised by me, at the least, for FreeEMS related MTX issues which I need to track. Whether you involve yourself in such things is irrelevant.
dandruczyk (viewer)
2012-04-15 20:00

Then you can feel free to sign up at the official MegaTunix tracker ( [^]) to submit bugs if you want them to get any attention. I said we needed equal grounds, you ignored that, hence this is the result. Feel free to parallel track if you want...
User avatar (0001459)
Fred (administrator)
2012-04-15 20:03

Perhaps it's just a configuration issue, but your tracker appears to be private. You'll note that you don't have to be logged into this tracker to read the issues. Please fix, I'm all about transparency - your current configuration doesn't provide that for my users.
User avatar (0001460)
Fred (administrator)
2012-04-15 20:06

PS, what you say is not true "equal grounds" is exactly what we've had and continue to have. I've not removed a single line of anything I've written on here either. Both parties comments are present to see. There was nothing unequal about it, except you trying to hide your outbursts and me not allowing it due to overlap with useful content. Also, for the record, I did offer to hide the worse stuff, on the basis that you wouldn't do it again, but moments later, in the same conversation you attacked me for no apparent reason once again, so I declined to bother putting effort into it for you for that reason.
dandruczyk (viewer)
2012-04-15 20:10

actually the tracker is set to public
Not sure why it prompts yet
Name Status Enabled View Status Description
MegaTunix development X public MegaTunix EFI Tuning software

There's nothing equal about you having admin writes and me having reporter rights...
User avatar (0001462)
Fred (administrator)
2012-04-15 20:28

I have to have admin rights to admin the tracker, that's what I do. You don't need them to comment, open, close, etc. I take it if I sign up there, you'll give me admin access? LOL, yeah right...
User avatar (0001463)
Fred (administrator)
2012-04-15 20:28

Also, you said you hated Mantis! LOL @ choosing it.
dandruczyk (viewer)
2012-04-15 20:31

i only chose it because the existing users for mtx will feel at home (not that they like mantis either). Do I like mantis? hell no, I'd prefer redmine, but my host doesn't have ruby...

You might be granted elevated rights if you ASKED nicely with a little justification as to why those rights are needed, but you haven't asked yet.
I DID ask you for rights to my supposed subset here, but was denied on multiple occasions, hence the need for the official mtx tracker going online.
dandruczyk (viewer)
2012-04-15 20:35

guest access added to tracker as requested: [^]
User avatar (0001466)
Fred (administrator)
2012-04-15 21:01
edited on: 2012-04-15 21:02

You'll need to make a few tweaks to it to get it to behave properly. It won't by default.

I have no justification for wanting admin rights, hence I don't want them there. Nor did you, though. You just wanted to cleanse your outbursts, which would have come at an unacceptable cost of lost information on the issues themselves. Hence denied and revoked, respectively. You WERE manager on MTX and developer on all others, until you had a tanty recently and I felt that the data was in danger and reduced you to updater like almost everyone else.

Good work on the guest access. I posted the new one on the forum for people.

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