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0000156FirmwareTestingpublic2011-06-15 17:342012-10-24 15:58
Assigned ToFred 
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Summary0000156: Add unit tests for unit testable functions

    // each case:
                // checks length, fails if wrong
                // parses data into args
                // calls function on data/args
                // assembles response OR sets error
                // breaks

// testable:
                // lookupPagedMainTableCellValue - pass this RPAGE so that it remains unchanged
                // validateMainTable
                // validateTwoDTable
                // set table values - leave this till last, currently unused by mtx, likely to be removed anyway
                // generateDerivedVars - convert to pointers, remove headers, privatise a lot of data!
                // calculateFuelAndIgnition - ditto
                // scheduling algorithm - ditto
                // safeAdd
                // safeTrim
                // safeScale
                // sleep (milliseconds)
                // sleepMicro (microseconds)
                // checksum
                // stringCopy
                // compare
                // utils that can't be checked: sampleLoopADC sampleBlockADC sampleEachADC - can check for how long each takes! adjustPWM (test only anyway), resetToNonRunningState and setupPagedRAM (would interfere with functioning of device)
                // init code may be able to be partially checked
                // most other code at this stage is ISR code, flash writing code, or could interfere with the running of the engine
                // more testable code will appear with time, such as the HAL layer, and most accessory functions.

Refactor whatever we can to be testable and add tests.
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User avatar (0000208)
Fred (administrator)
2011-06-28 19:06

risk = low assumes functions already testable. Those things migrating to a testable form could break in the process.
User avatar (0002363)
Fred (administrator)
2012-10-24 15:48

For testing times, I'll use floating point tests, and provide a tolerance. They don't have to be perfect.
User avatar (0002365)
Fred (administrator)
2012-10-24 15:58

Need to ensure the functionality for each wrapper is in the same page as the target functionality, too.

Function's doxygen should be marked with @Tested or @NOT_TESTED so as to be collated during the doxy build.

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