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Key mappings and full-screen stuff fixed, etc.
- 0000833: [General Features] MegaSquirt and Adaptronic CSV data logs contain non-numeric data, and we don't handle it well. (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000832: [User Interface] Zooming in far with very short logs resets graph position. (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000799: [User Interface] Numbers in hover display sometimes have missing digit (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000365: [User Interface] Add Translation Facility (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000341: [Maven Build] Split the project reporting and build information into a parent project (Fred) - resolved.
- 0000345: [User Interface] Make It Work Like A Native App On OS-X (Fred) - closed.
- 0000653: [General Features] Add about box (Fred) - closed.
- 0000339: [Maven Build] Add Thorough Version Information To Build (Fred) - closed.
- 0000693: [General Features] Add current user details to about box (Fred) - closed.
- 0000695: [General Features] Add current memory statistics to about box (Fred) - closed.
- 0000793: [Maven Build] Build performs pointless operation slowing dev (Fred) - closed.
- 0000792: [Maven Build] Apple jar is bundled with app when it shouldn't be. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000694: [General Features] Improve debian launch script to pass arguments to the app (Fred) - closed.
- 0000766: [General Features] NPE in (Fred) - closed.
- 0000509: [User Interface] OLV main window fails to use window size commanded from the window manager. (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000702: [General Features] Add ability to open file from CLI args at app launch. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000706: [User Interface] Array index out of bounds error when resizing window. (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000703: [User Interface] Don't hide hover info on mouse exit (Fred) - closed.
- 0000651: [Maven Build] Properly configure PMD plugin (Fred) - closed.
- 0000656: [Maven Build] Add compile time dependency for mac jar (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000687: [Maven Build] Create Linux .zip with jar and olv.bash script during release (Fred) - closed.
- 0000680: [User Interface] Display discrepancies on win 7 starter spanish edition (BenFenner) - closed.
 - 0000688: [General Features] OLV Record Count trace not getting min/max set properly. (BenFenner) - closed.
 - 0000691: [User Interface] Hover info unavailable. Only displays each side of the data, not in the data. (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000683: [General Features] Unit tests not robust across borders (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000366: [Maven Build] Add Enforcer Plugin (Fred) - closed.
- 0000675: [User Interface] Traces filled with a single value the entire length don't display properly. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000669: [User Interface] Graph traces don't honor min/max settings properly. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000672: [User Interface] Missing line segments (Fred) - closed.
- 0000677: [User Interface] Margins above and below traces per track not correct. (johntramp) - closed.
- 0000671: [User Interface] Open Last (button or file menu) gives no response if there is no previous file listed in the properties file. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000670: [General Features] FileNotFound error thrown when application is opened and no OLVProperties.olv file is present. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000661: [User Interface] Change mouse hover info to align by decimal point and display up to 3 decimal places. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000662: [User Interface] Default trace color selection doesn't handle file re-loading. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000636: [General Features] Pre-0.0.3 release code clean-up using mvn site. (Fred) - closed.
 - 0000642: [General Features] Full code review (Fred) - closed.
- 0000654: [User Interface] App window flickers for a while after leaving full screen mode. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000646: [User Interface] Focus controller must go AND focus must work normally (Fred) - closed.
- 0000652: [User Interface] Clicking a navigation button can not be aborted by moving the pointer outside of the button, and then releasing the mouse click. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000648: [User Interface] Indication of button press no longer works (Fred) - closed.
- 0000647: [User Interface] Buttons all move when a file is loaded (Fred) - closed.
- 0000510: [General Features] Ctrl Q does not quit and Ctrl W does not close the last window (and effectively quit) (Fred) - closed.
- 0000447: [User Interface] File chooser doesn't have last file opened as default. (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000352: [User Interface] Make ctrl C/V/X/Z work in the file chooser on Mac (Fred) - closed.
- 0000645: [User Interface] Show the trace name next to the trace data in the mouse hover info for context. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000316: [User Interface] Make default color selection better. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000644: [User Interface] "Q" will play and pause the graph. This is incorrect behavior. (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000639: [General Features] Filename in titlebar not cleared when loading fails (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000638: [User Interface] Graph trace divisions (or tacks) don't work properly anymore. (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000643: [User Interface] Fix broken code in keyboard focus controller (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000571: [General Features] Add File->Reload Option (Fred) - closed.
- 0000633: [User Interface] Loading a new file does not completely replace the curtently loaded file. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000513: [User Interface] Behaviour Of Media Style Controls Not Intuitive (Fred) - closed.
- 0000628: [User Interface] Change all painting from AWT style override of "paint()" to Swing style override of "paintComponent()". (Fred) - closed.
- 0000626: [User Interface] Frames Per Second display needs serious work. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000627: [User Interface] Array index out of bounds error when playing graph and leaving full screen mode. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000617: [User Interface] Interia timer never stops. (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000618: [User Interface] Inertia and playing don't work at the same time. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000619: [User Interface] Fast forward and slow down for playback should not be linear. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000520: [FreeEMS Plugin] Overlength fake packets are capable of causing an array index out of bounds exception (Fred) - closed.
- 0000348: [FreeEMS Plugin] Add Reset Detection To FreeEMS Bin (Fred) - closed.
- 0000511: [General Features] Remove All Signs Of Ant Now That We Have Releases (Fred) - closed.
- 0000519: [User Interface] CSV-type files do not center correctly upon initial loading. (They do zoom correctly.) (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000515: [General Features] CSV parser fails (Fred) - closed.
- 0000512: [User Interface] Full Screen Screwed Up In Linux (Fred) - closed.
- 0000508: [User Interface] When returning from fullscreen maximise button is greyed out (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000369: [User Interface] Application loses focus when going full screen. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000506: [User Interface] When Going Fullscreen Graph Centering Is Not Respected (Fred) - closed.
- 0000347: [FreeEMS Plugin] Add Time Generation To FreeEMS Bin (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000507: [User Interface] When Returning From Fullscreen UI Is Drawn Twice (Fred) - closed.
- 0000370: [User Interface] Going full screen with multiple monitors doesn't have good behavior. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000371: [User Interface] Exiting full screen mode doesn't respect previous windowed size and state. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000502: [General Features] Graph keeps trying to play when it reaches the end. (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000487: [General Features] When zoomed in past 1:1 and the graph is moved all the way to the left, the end goes solid. (BenFenner) - closed.
- 0000492: [User Interface] All zero traces hang at top. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000489: [General Features] Fix assorted ugliness in parts of the code that aren't about to get replaced. (Fred) - closed.
- 0000488: [General Features] Probable math issue in graphing code. (Fred) - closed.

73 of 77 issue(s) resolved. Progress (94%).

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