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Things that should be done as soon as possible, but can't be pinned down to a specific release, yet. Currently build improvements and similar. Migration of the project to a formal parent structured hierarchy thus enabling seamless addition of further FreeEMS Java apps into the fold :-)
- 0000711: [User Interface] Reloading the previous log while a log is currently loading causes an error. (Fred) - acknowledged.
- 0000718: [General Features] Determin correct home dir for settings on all platforms. (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000649: [General Features] Provide an export function for LP files (BenFenner) - assigned.
- 0000699: [General Features] Last loaded file stats in about box, or new box. (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000749: [General Features] save a copy option + binding to .bin downloads (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000704: [General Features] Refactor main class to just be the main class and not be the main window too (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000705: [General Features] Refactor to reduce coupling between classes (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000679: [Maven Build] Update to new reporting plugin config format (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000537: [User Interface] Separate Extension And Content Handling (BenFenner) - assigned.
- 0000536: [User Interface] Check Boolean Flag For Each Entry And space/interp if false (BenFenner) - assigned.
- 0000454: [General Features] Reduce memory abuse by recycling objects (Fred) - assigned.

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