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This release should contain a fairly complete implementation of a hardware abstraction layer and general purpose IO and logic blocks suitable for doing just about anything you can think of without change to the firmware.
- 0000637: [GP IO and GP code] Combined Conditions for GPIO (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000676: [GP IO and GP code] Allow configurable recording of any pin's state (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000025: [GP IO and GP code] Write General Purpose PID Function (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000436: [GP IO and GP code] Add Coolant Based RPM Limits (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000287: [GP IO and GP code] Provide Scratch Pad Style Internal Memory And Untyped Access (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000286: [GP IO and GP code] Convert Table Lookups And Math Calcs To GP (Fred) - assigned.
- 0000285: [GP IO and GP code] Abstract Out Common Functionality In ADC Processing Code (Fred) - assigned.

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