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0000886EMStudioUser Interfacepublic2013-11-27 02:232013-11-27 21:07
0000886: 3D tracing at wrong indices/index
I just upgraded to 12f3153a and was trying to use the app in Sim's car and we found that the highlighted cells are not correct.

It seems to highlight two cells vertically (at the same RPM) but only ever one horizontally (at the same load). As such the correct behaviour would be to switch to a column when you were closer to it than any other. Instead what happens is the column is used if the value is at or below that column's RPM.

For example, columns at 1k, 1600 and 2k RPM:

< 999 = 1k column highlighted
1001 to 1599 = 1600 column highlighted
1601 to 1999 = 2k column highlighted

Ideally you'd implement 4 cell faded highlighting rather than doing a "which is closer" algorithm, but either is semi acceptable.

Re the highlighting versus selected problem, if you're using some sort of selection to do the highlighting, perhaps you could just set the colour of a border instead? Maybe this will solve many problems at once?
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2013-11-27 21:07   
This was semi-intentional based off a discussion with you, I should've shifted all cells by 1, rather than just deleting the top highlighting set. If I had, this would have been proper, because 1000-1600 would've seen the 1000 and 1600 cells highlighted, and 1600-2000 would've seen the 1600 and 2000 cells highlighted.

If you have axis cells of: 500, 1000, 1500. Values of 751, 15000 and 1250 would be in the middle cell, 750 and below in the bottom, and 1251 and up in the upper, correct? So the value is the "center" of the cell?

It's on the top of my list to rewrite the table drawing stuff so I can make it be similar to how MTX does it. Think you can find/create a video of MTX's table for reference? I found one, but I can't find it again, and it wasn't good quality.