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0000865EMStudioGeneralpublic2013-09-15 06:002014-12-01 21:04
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0000865: Warn user and await response if ECU isn't powered on
Earlier builds of EMStudio (ex. f0764b47) seem less tolerant of initiating interrogation when the target ECU isn't receiving 7-13V deliberately. Current builds (ex. gbffce31) will jump into an interrogation and stall when an "off" ECU is plugged into a powered computer via USB. Can this state be sensed and the user alerted?
This is mostly a dummy request. I was in a sunlight flooded truck and couldn't see the LED feedback on my Jaguar board. I had switched my wiring from 12V batt to 12V switched and didn't have the key in the ignition. Forgetting about this change after several previously successful tests, I launched EMStudio and saw it jump into an interrogation screen, where it sat (seemingly indefinitely) without making any progress nor warning me that anything was wrong. Perhaps this would be worth probing for and prompting the user to power on their device, check the load/run jumper, or to load offline data (somewhat like it does when it can't talk to the com port)?
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2013-09-18 01:53   
You should get a "Unable to communicate with ECU. Serial port is unresponsive. Please verify...." blah blah blah. I just verified that this happens on a TA card when you hold the reset button down so the serial port is silent.

Can you send me the serial log from when that happened? Or if you can reproduce it, do so, and send me a serial log? Thanks
2014-12-01 21:04   
I no longer can reproduce this problem with newer EMStudio releases. The version I used at the time of this report occasionally allowed EMStudio to continue operating beyond power cycle without warning. I was way behind on updating, however, and changes have been applied since that time.

I'm currently running "StableTwo-195-ge2469f" and appropriately receive errors on power disconnect while the application is open, USB disconnect in full while the application is open, and in both cases where power and USB are disconnected at application launch.

Since there are legitimate cases for continuing to use EMStudio after a dirty ECU reset, it would still be beneficial to have some sort of visual indicator as to the running state of the ECU vs. application...but I believe I issued that as a feature request already and this digresses from the issue topic.

Closing ticket.