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0000855FirmwareAnalogue Inputspublic2013-06-11 21:262013-06-12 17:42
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0000855: 648.73kPa found in log when sensor only configured up to 173kPa
As stated! Device reset, and a single reading of the above caused a boost cut, then the engine never returned to vacuum (below 100kPa) and stayed cut. Root cause being able to have a value that's not possible. Should move default re-enable up to 105kPa so that if the engine is totally stopped it uncuts.
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duplicate of 0000247assigned Fred Make MAP sensor configuration both more robust and more flexible. 
has duplicate 0000665closed em_knaps Reset's while rpm signal is present cause non funtioning ign and inj outputs 

2013-06-11 22:01   
I think this is related to 0000247 in that at boot the ADC reading is likely to be zero, which with a -ve config will cause a below zero into an unsigned type and a large "overflow". Leaving open despite being a duplicate...
2013-06-12 16:55   
Duplicate of 0000247 for sure. Pushed a work around in 5697a1f