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0000748EMStudioUser Interfacepublic2012-10-17 12:492012-10-20 02:22
x86Lubuntu12.04 32bit
0000748: Log file is created but no data is written to it, it remains at the file size of 0 bytes
Using the pre-compiled binary installer:
git hash: f4862bcefaa13cd12b3961b3b4f3136d733b38a0

I set up EMStudio to save 10 log files in /home/andy/EMStudio-Logs
it creates the following files:
2012.10.17-08.22.00.bin (0 bytes),
2012.10.17-08.22.00.both.bin (591 bytes),
2012.10.17-08.22.00.meta.json (374 bytes) and
2012.10.17-08.22.00.toecu.bin (591 bytes)

As my normal user (ie: not root), andy, who has full RW permissions to /home/andy

1. Run /usr/bin/emstudio
2. After it connects to the ECU, click on Edit then click on Settings.
3. Change Logs to save from 0 to 10 (or any number greater than 0, I tried 1 as well).
4. Click on the checkbox for Save Datalogs
5. Change the Datalog Location from . to /home/andy/EMStudio-Logs (I have tried to type this in manually and have tried using the Browse button to select the directory)
6. Click on the Save button

The log files are created, however the .bin file never increases in size past 0 bytes, the .both.bin and toecu.bin files never increase in size past 591 bytes and the .meta.json file remains at 374 bytes. I checked the .meta.json file size against a known working version of EMStudio and this file is always 374 bytes so this doesn't appear to be an issue with that file.
If I go back to git hash 698f89abf9bd3d7d5fa0b08cbf9c0139ef6a0269 logging works fine. I will check a newer hash and report back my findings.
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2012-10-20 00:04   
Fixed in 3116a589f929ee29844d024c33cb79768d88ea05
2012-10-20 02:21   
I tested logging with hash dc86176ae0b5f6a48060a53d951d7d6ff29090a0
 and it does work as expected.
2012-10-20 02:22   
I have verifed that logging works properly in git hash dc86176ae0b5f6a48060a53d951d7d6ff29090a0 using the CI .deb build for 32bit Linux.