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0000743EMStudioFreeEMS Pluginpublic2012-10-16 15:392012-11-28 17:50
0000743: Intelligent connection handling for SM/FW
I believe that this is already under the skin and just needs to be exposed.

Formalising it:

Upon attempt to connect, try SM first, use reset and then open commands, look for 3 or 4 bytes back, if more it's not SM, try firmware, if nothing, it's not a valid port, if lots of bytes and no firmware, it's wrong settings or wrong device, if 3 or 4 and contains valid response, then tell user that they ARE in SM, and that they should flip switch or remove jumper and click retry. Other button should be "go offline" as a way of saying cancel. Retry will send the reset packet first looking for the SM and then fail and fall back to the firmware almost instantly.


Detect SM = SM
Lots of bytes = FW or random
No bytes = FW or random

SM = "You're in firmware loading mode, please change jumper or switch and click retry"
Lots or No = try FW, if fail report "Wrong device, no device, or wrong port" if success, enter app normally.
Currently it says SM or wrong port, which is misleading and not helpful.
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related to 0000765resolved BenFenner Initial message(s) received with no ECU connected need to be better. 

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