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0000665FirmwareGeneral Featurespublic2012-08-30 11:472013-06-12 17:42
0000665: Reset's while rpm signal is present cause non funtioning ign and inj outputs
while bench testing you reset the ecu via tuning app or
physically while there is a RPM signal present the ign and inj outputs cease to fuction
hit reset button on TA card or send hard rest package from tuning app or interrupt power supply whilst and rpm signal is present.
firmware first noticed:d9a4aa5073e84

firmware that was without the issue:
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duplicate of 0000247assigned Fred Make MAP sensor configuration both more robust and more flexible. 
duplicate of 0000753closed Fred Engine Stalled and would not restart 
duplicate of 0000855closed Fred 648.73kPa found in log when sensor only configured up to 173kPa 

2012-08-30 12:01   
I suspect this went wrong in hash 3f59fde9c4601df7be8e37a783e44357c5876ebe when priming pulses were added. Will confirm and attempt to fix soon.
2012-08-30 14:20   
You won't believe this, I can't reproduce it :-/ I have my bench test rig setup and cranking 200 - 4000 rpm sweeps, and i reset it and it comes on strong same as always every time. Will try to get Sim, Andy and Peter to have a crack. Please guys, see if you can reproduce on your setups.
2012-08-30 14:29   
Just tried with MTX over-the-wire reset too and same result, works fine.
2012-08-30 23:24   
I'm using hash gd9a4aa5-DEV and hitting the reset button sounds about equivalent to a burn stumble. I tried it at a couple different RPMs and holding the button for different lengths of time, but I couldn't get it to completely quit. Do you have a LA to document the problem with?
2012-09-03 22:56   
Sim's setup works normally too, wonder what's up with yours :-/
2012-09-03 23:02   
Can't reproduce in 3 countries, suspect tyre smoke inhalation halucinations. Feel free to reopen with more info or close if you find out why.
2012-09-06 09:41   
Reporter can't reproduce on his vehicle either. He can reopen this if he figures out what was happening. Closing, removing versions for apparent non issue.
2012-09-06 09:44   
Removed versions.
2013-06-12 16:30   
It turns out that this was probably caused by boost cut due to the particular map sensor config in use! This is why I couldn't get it to happen, because either I used another config or i used that config with another sensor and it read below 100kpa when it was actually over 100kpa. See 0000247 and 0000855