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0000649OLVGeneral Featurespublic2012-08-11 00:372012-12-28 23:44
0000649: Provide an export function for LP files
This is currently hacked into the freeems bin decoder in a yucky way on a temp branch. All it does is take RPM and time stamps and output a particular format for lacerated pempheridae processing.

Options to provide:

RPM source: so it can be used with weird log files or MS logs
Time source: ditto
Time source format: so it's correct
Time scale factor: so you can warp the original into something else
RPM scale factor: ditto

scale factors should be in percent and default to 100%

Sources should be drop down list.

Output format can/should/will be hard coded to match LP for now.
time handling may need roll over support and some other behavioural options added for raw time fields.

It'd be good to have this as part of 0.0.3, but not really necessary as I can hack in the functionality easily when/where I need it.
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