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0000624EMStudioFreeEMS Pluginpublic2012-07-22 14:222014-03-03 10:59
New Feature
0000624: Create bench test control panel/tab/window
This has been done before, in MTX, and as a mock up. It's described in this thread: [^]

Lacerated Pempheridae also uses this API to stream RPM values for log playback. [^]
You can use a logic analyser and/or scope and/or sound card to verify that you've got it working right.

This is a pretty easy block of work IMO.

MTX impl has some niceness to it, too much in places IIRC.
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bz2 FreeEMS-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT-240-gb1fbfdf-DEFAULT-BenchTest.s19.bz2 (41,687) 2014-03-03 10:57

2014-03-03 10:56   
This has been available in EMStudio since:

commit 8ae2e32cbc2612c07dcead85f3206eb9b3c84dc4
Date: Sat Nov 23 22:04:45 2013 -0500

However it needs more work to be "complete" and usable for real work. Namely:

1) Calculate and display test run time before test and count down during test
2) Calculate bump time and display before bump and add to down-count on bump
3) Display and decrement cycle count appropriately, including when bumped
4) Show remainder of cycles not completed on premature test stop (requires fw change)
5) Cache the parameters used when a test is started for future calculations while allowing editing for the next test in advance
6) Smart bump behaviour: If test not running, start new test with previously used parameters (not the ones currently visible, which could have been reconfigured for the next test while testing)
7) Make the buttons much clearer, difficult to see as is
8) Make labels align with text boxes as it's hard to read and misleading at the moment
9) Give a bit of margin top and bottom for aesthetics
10) Smile and be happy :-)
2014-03-03 10:59   
Firmware which should respond with a 3 byte payload has the following contents:

unsigned short "count remaining"
unsigned char "currentEvent at stop"

Testing should show this very obviously.