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0000620FirmwareInit & Configpublic2012-07-22 13:032012-07-22 13:03
New Feature
0000620: Add automatic derivative config creation on saving a config area
For certain pieces of config there must be perfectly matching other pieces of config. Doing these at run time is not acceptable due to performance and ram usage. Thus they should be generated at config save time, and if different, burned over the previous version. If not different, leave it alone.

For some stuff manual and auto options might exist. Something needs to be done to throw an error if both manual is edited and auto option is engaged.

These can be integrated with the config verification routines in 0000615

Some currently RAM based stuff can be migrated back to flash using this technique.
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related to 0000615assigned Fred Add full config check routines to be executed on saving a config area 

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