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0000613EMStudioUser Interfacepublic2012-07-13 09:002012-07-22 13:59
New Feature
0000613: Implement edit history across all data
If you start with an empty notion of what has happened, fresh execution against device, then you have no history, and no knowledge of anything. Therefore you'll need to save what the value was before, as well as what it becomes such that you can roll right back to the start, if you wish.


Location affected, subset of location affected, previous data, new data.

You'll probably want to display this as a list in the UI somewhere, and also save it as a log on disk. Plus you'll need to track SOME of these changes if trying to autotune.

Ctrl Z to undo
Ctrl Y to redo
Ctrl-shift Z to redo

You may as well put these key bindings straight into a platform specific file set so that Ben can tweak the windows variant until he is "satisfied".

History should be without limit. IE, infinite undo and redo history.

If you wanted to get fancy, on undo, and new edits, you could branch and store a tree of changes. I sometimes find that I want this in other apps, and I've never seen it implemented.
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2012-07-13 09:03   
Obviously you'll want to store an accurate system time with each change too. Maybe other things? Offline/online boolean? etc.