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0000606EMStudioUser Interfacepublic2012-07-11 16:412012-10-15 14:41
New Feature
0000606: Wireframe view for 3D tables.
3D tables should also be viewable with a graphical representation (just like 2D tables are with the line graphs).
The view should likely be a wireframe style view with axes labeled and rotation/orientation changeable by left-click-dragging the mouse.
The display should auto-scale to always give good depth to the display.

Selecting a cell or combination of cells in the table should show the selection on the wireframe somehow visually in "real time".

If the 3d Table is visible, bringing the wireframe view visible should be as easy as pressing one button on the keyboard to bring it up. (Any key will do and obviously this should be configurable. For reference AEM uses "S".)
The same should be true for the opposite. If you have the wireframe view open, the 3d table should open with a push of the same button.

If this is not already the case with 2d tables and graphs, the same behavior should work for them too.

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png brokenColouring.png (63,557) 2012-10-15 08:39

png doubleAndNoWireLines.png (32,811) 2012-10-15 10:44

2012-07-22 13:52   
Visualising this is included in 0.1.0 because it's somewhat essential for data comprehension.
2012-10-11 21:15   
3D view of 3D tables is working and seems stable in 9226c40b4473cdb532aa9b634d947a8b26be3af4
2012-10-11 21:35   
Would you prefer to add some polish to it with various settings before the release, or leave it open and have it be official for a later release? Not that it's bad now, just some details could do with more work, that's all.
2012-10-12 02:00   
I think I should polish it up for the release. Put a stop on new features, and JUST polish what I have.
2012-10-12 02:23   
Need a control panel down one side like MTX.

Shading for each polygon should be correct or at least usable. Last time I checked it was very broken. Checked, still broken. At the least you should do a weighted average for the three corners of each triangle. At the optimum, later, a gradient would be sweet. Right now one of the four sides of a peak is red, the others green, if the peak is of red value level and the base green, hence "broken"

Grid should have controllable brightness on a slider in said control panel

polygon borders should have optional edges with check box, optional edges should be coloured by slider in panel from white to black just like the grids.

Floor below surface should be opaque to aid in orientation. Possibly with a texture or something on it so it's even more obvious.

Same decimal precision for values on edge as in table, currently it's 2 with overlap of background at small scales, table only uses 1, one is plenty.

segfault if editing cell in flat version, then click back to 3d, hash: a70f8ad

Implement axis-proportional scaling and make it optional, but default.

That's all I have for you right now. And a bug with flat view. reporting any second... :-)
2012-10-15 10:41   
Attached is a screeny showing broken colouring.

For the colouring, you want the value at the centroid of the triangle. [^] [^]

Once you have that, you can look up the value from the table, look up a colour for that value, and use it for the triangle.

I guess you have ((X-1)*(Y-1))*2 triangles. Colour only needs to be computed for 8 surrounding triangles for each cell change, though, so it can be glacial and fine :-p Optimise last :-)

Doing a gradient seems overkill and difficult. That can be a later/never enhancement.
2012-10-15 10:45   
Another thing that I noticed is double and no wire frame lines depending on angle. I suspect off by one errors and/or overlapping drawing for this. I'll leave you to figure it out, though. Screeny just attached.
2012-10-15 10:46   
And, another thing: Wire frame only mode should be possible. Check box in control area for that please.
2012-10-15 14:41   
And yet another thing: When in wireframe only mode, the option to colour the wire frame should be available. IE, each line takes the median of the two end points for a colour.