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0000597EMStudioFreeEMS Pluginpublic2012-06-23 21:022012-07-21 23:54
0000597: Enhance Binary Logging Capability
Just a few small changes will make your app THE app of choice for binary logging:

1) config option for preferred log dump dir
2) firmwareVersion-yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss.bin file naming use .toecu.bin and .both.bin as well for other logs over current scheme
3) dump matching name with .txt/.yaml/.xml/.json extension containing yaml/xml/json of human readable meta data pulled from the device
4) expand said meta data to be a full set of requested fields, and assorted details like emstudio version, hash, os type, date time, etc

The only trouble is that you want to start recording before you know the firmware version. If you cant think of a clean way to work around that, eg buffer a little data, then write out file once you have fw V, then just use date-time.bin naming style instead and fully rely on the associated metadata file for identification.

If you do the above, I'll REQUIRE everyone to use emstudio for logging if they expect me to look at their log files.
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2012-06-23 21:05   
Additional info, worth reading: [^]

If you can think of a way to add a comments field and maybe have a profile with pre filled out vehicle details, all the better.
2012-06-23 22:52   
This will be next on the list after 3d tables are pushed to master.
2012-07-12 23:36   
Added in commit b052226b0026f24794fb9d8bfb2d6436c5c49829

Still needs more information and fixes, so I'm leaving this open for now even though the base functionality is there.
2012-07-13 18:28   
All fields working on commit 6db48b771cee8b21e7b38a9bac629ce709ce8ba4
2012-07-13 18:41   
Is this done?

1) config option for preferred log dump dir

And I'd like to see the extensions of the logs changed slightly. I suggested this:

.bin the binary log
.toecu.bin commands sent
.both.bin interleaved

However as long as the log doesn't have anything except .bin I don't care too much about the other two. I do think toecu and both are clearer than inandout/in/out because into the app or into the device? impossible to know.
2012-07-21 23:10   
Logging is now pretty mint! Meta data can still be expanded somewhat, though the key things are there, so I'm closing this!