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0000563TunixGeneral Featurespublic2012-04-05 17:482012-04-05 22:24
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0000563: Consider Checking 64 bit happiness using this [^]

Came across it while looking for something for the firmware and thought maybe it would help with your 64 efforts.
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2012-04-05 21:38   
DL'd it, ran it, fixed reported issues.

No portability issues found, only a few minor memory leaks, all rsolve as of commit d8e1328e7f7fb8a0af6ee92abe773dc907506872

Checking 3d_vetable.c...
[3d_vetable.c:2428]: (error) Memory leak: table_list
10/117 files checked 8% done
Checking dataio.c...
[dataio.c:416]: (error) Possible null pointer dereference: error
14/117 files checked 11% done
Checking gui_handlers.c...
[gui_handlers.c:1895]: (error) Memory leak: prefix
83/117 files checked 70% done
Checking plugins/mscommon/vex_support.c...
[plugins/mscommon/vex_support.c:920]: (error) Memory leak: result
[plugins/mscommon/vex_support.c:1041]: (error) Memory leak: result
2012-04-05 22:08   
Sweet! A useful tool for the belt, then :-)

If you run it over the old code before 64 fixes will it find anything? If you have time and are also curious, I'd be interested in the results of that experiment :-)
2012-04-05 22:19   
I didn't DL it, i used the one available via apt-get (mine is probably a little dated). I suggest for your curiosity that you write a script to pull each hash, and run cppcheck across it with whatever options and then graph the resulting error counts per file. I don't have that kind of free time, or that curiosity about the past.
2012-04-05 22:24   
"i used the one available via apt-get" - me too, just now, found nothing in the firmware, but that doesn't mean much. Closing, recommend you run it periodically. And any other similar stuff you can find that works and is even better.