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0000557LoaderUser Interfacepublic2012-04-04 15:152013-07-09 18:20
0000557: Remember Size and Position Of File Open Dialogue Box and Detail Columns
Fuck this. Your code is poorly written, useless and generally shit. You're unable to make it work right, ever. A five year old could do better at C++ coding than you can! Your program makes me want to never use a computer again. I could rewrite it perfectly in a day, because I'm perfect. What a fucking joke. I'm out.

<see additional information for truth>
(17:05:35) Fred: btw, with the dialogue box, is it possible to remember a resize and apply next time?
(17:05:48) Sean: i think so yes
(17:08:08) Fred: what about the widths on the columns?
(17:08:25) Fred: those would make a huge difference to me
(17:08:35) Sean: im pretty sure all of it can be. QT has been around for a long time
(17:08:47) Fred: i'll file and issue then :-)
(17:08:53) Sean: sounds good
(17:09:11) Fred: mind if i sarcastically abuse you in it?
(17:09:19) Sean: all good :)
(17:09:19) Fred: as a tribute to how dave makes it sound i am to him
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2013-07-07 07:04   
LOL what a dic :p

freeems-loader$ ./FreeEMS-Loader

Info: number of burns executed 6210

Let me see what I can do about the open dialog box......
2013-07-09 09:04   
Whoa! I just read through that and thought "I don't remember being THAT harsh!" then realised and laughed.
2013-07-09 18:06   
IIRC we laughed about it when you posted it :)

With mikes permission I want to post an email about this:


I'm not sure you're allowed, or supposed to save the position. Typically the OS positions it properly. My suggestion: Write a custom widget that doesn't use the OS's save file dialog if you want to position it yourself.

 - Michael Carpenter

On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 3:38 AM, Sean Keys <> wrote:
I'm trying to save the postion of a file dialog box. I think my settings lines of code are OK, but it doesnt seem to work. I suspect my problem lies here:
    loadFileName = fileDialog.getOpenFileName(this, tr("Load s19 file"), loadDirectory, tr("s19 (*.s19)"));
    loaderSettings.setValue("lastOpenDialogGeo", fileDialog.saveGeometry());
I'm trying to saveGeometry(), after the dialog box disappears. The only thing I can think of, is to write my own slot(s), but I'm thinking there must be a better way. Any input would be appreciated sir :)

2013-07-09 18:13   
I can live without the size, I guess, though that seems insane. What I can't live without is the initial state of details/not which has varied throughout history depending on your code and the OS settings. At one point, your code changed my entire UI experience for all apps LOL.
2013-07-09 18:20   
"initial state of details/not which has varied "

That I can almost certainly fix that and I might even recall how.

"At one point, your code changed my entire UI experience for all apps LOL."

It may be a bit trickier than I remember. It sounds like I need to isolate the details setting from the system qt settings etc.