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0000469TunixGeneral Featurespublic2011-12-07 13:512011-12-11 18:15
0000469: Increase Information Conveyed From Tables
Tables have auto generated colour schemes based on the current state of tune. This ensures a high contrast always, which looks good. The trouble is that this removes some information from the user:

 - It's not possible to tell the difference at a glance between a near flat table at 14.7 AFR and one at 10AFR or 20AFR when using your auto scaling.
 - A low contrast graph tells you that its flat, unless you're rescaling
 - A purple map tells you that it's low, unless you're rescaling
 - A high contrast map tells you that the map is wild, unless you're rescaling in which case flat maps are high contrast too and you can tell nothing, they just always look pretty regardless of values

For example: [^]

-10 to 90 is the range in ms2e timing, Aitor's table would look a lot smoother and less crazy if -10 was purple and 90 was red, you'd be at softer closer intermediate colours, and the stuff that was extreme would still be obvious.
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2011-12-07 13:54   
Fixed in 32875309ab6c93965f0158e4c7b324793df3d144 and nearly fixed in commit be1c558b3bebdd3d7b68a165f78a864976bc9ee8, however only for FreeEMS. MS variants require some configuration to make best use of the new changes. Resolving and assigning to Dave to close when he's happy with the MS firmware setup.
2011-12-11 16:25   
color scales changed to go from blue (low) to red (high). Please re-evaluate.
hash: ee1c8be46497f2668b4c67121ca315bd5a153fa5
2011-12-11 17:24   
New colours look good. Reassigning and reresolving such that it can be closed when MS firmwares are in order.
2011-12-11 17:26   
MS firmware will never be in order due to the conversions in use. Working on remi-related feature so user can choose the "fixed" scale or auto-color scale based on table ranges.
2011-12-11 18:15   
Added fix/autoscale gui option so everyone get's their way

in hash: a24c7d99be10866f61412c422caef8c8d7e8f680