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0000383LoaderPlatform Specific Commspublic2011-11-11 18:352013-01-10 16:55
Apple MacOS X10.6
0000383: Hitting Close/Reset When FreeEMS Has Started Streaming Locks Up
App freezes and takes out the serial device forcing a restart. If I wasn't using a hub I suspect it would take out the machine entirely. Bad behaviour! :-( I think the loader needs those diagrams of how it should work done ASAP. It's currently not doing things the way that it should. If you're not making a blocking call, it should never block like that. After sending the reset sequence it shouldn't be looking to read or do anything, just exit ASAP. Again, cutecom does not do this, and is on OSX and works happily here.
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2011-11-11 19:27   
I'll have a WTF look at it soon. What does MTX do ?
2011-11-11 20:04   
Without my fix that Dave rejected (because his serial arch isn't as modular as the rest of his code and it affected ms2 stuff) it hangs the box in a worse way when you exit.
2011-11-14 20:41   
Before the latest update I was able to get my app to hang by unplugging the USB device while it was performing an operation.

I was unable to get my machine/loader app to hang by connecting, resetting the FW into run mode then clicking disconnect. I did not test this before the update.

Please try commit >=
commit dfa067b1229df2282b2aaf2f9f9afa9aaf1ccda7
Date: Mon Nov 14 10:17:16 2011 -0700

2013-01-10 16:55   
The Close/Reset button no longer exists.